Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weight Watcher Leader Training

      September 16, 2011 will be an adventure ride for me.  I will be flying out of the Lincoln airport and venturing to Chicago.  I will have 3 days to learn what I need to learn to be able to stand in front of a crowd and educate them on the Weight Watcher Program. 
      I am a bit nervous.  I have wanted to do this for 9 years.  A few months after I got on the weight watcher program I had the overwhelming urge to be BLANCHE.  Blanche was the leader at the time.  I knew she was nearing retirement.  I thought she was spunky and full of life and energy.  I know that bugged some people, but I always loved how I felt around Blanche.  She is a great example to me.  After Ron lost his Coleman job and he bought his own Hastings Business I started going to the Hastings meetings.  There I met Deb.  She was spunky, full of energy too.  Life got a little busy and I quit going to the meetings.  I gained 20 pounds, or more.  I went back to the tuesday meeting but Blanche was retired and there were a couple of new ladies.  Pam and Mary.  Tuesday night wasn't cutting it for me and my friend Cindy.  Cindy suggested we start going to Mary's meeting.  What a breath of fresh air. 
     I came back but struggled to find my weight loss journey successful.  That was August of 2010.  After seeing Adrienne's wedding pictures I decided it was time to do something for myself again.  I was at a stand still.  Mary was great but my head wasn't doing very good.  November rolled around and a new program came out with weight watchers.  It took me about 2 months to get my head and heart wrapped around the new program.  YES, You can teach an old dog new tricks.  It just may take a little longer. 
     January the St. James Center closed and the meetings went to Just for Ladies.  That was really frustrating.  No parking, no place to sit, the ladies were wonderful but I was paying for a monthly pass but wasn't able to enjoy the meetings.  Frustration was setting in again.  Word got out that Just for Ladies meetings were moving to the Faith United Methodist Church.  I was really excited.  I was also approached by several of the ladies that worked at weight watchers to see if I was ready to Work for Weight watchers as a receptionist.  The guidelines for that was to be 170 pounds.  I was just barely getting to Dr. Goal and struggle to stay there with out gains every other week.  My Dr. Goal is 176.  I told them I would work on it.
     I worked and worked.  The only thing that worked was the prayers I said to the Lord.  I told him my desires.  I let him know the guidelines I needed to live by.  By the Grace of God I made it to 170.  I called Jennifer, the area manager.  She interviewed me and found that I would be a great assest to the team.  I told her that I would love to be a leader someday.  She told me I had 6 months to get down to the Leader guideline for my heighth.  160.  REALLY?  I haven't seen 160 since I was a sophmore in High school.  I continued to fast and pray for the strength to get over my weakness.  On a daily basis I could feel the love and support of angels.  The beginning of July I was able to call Jennifer and tell her I made it to Leader Goal.  I was two months ahead of the 6months that she gave me.  I am proud to say that I weigh 158.  That is a lot compared to some of the other ladies that surround me.  I am grateful.  I am healthier today than I have been in years. 
     I started my weight watcher journey April of 2002.  Through Prayer I received the answer that I desired.  HOW DO I EAT?  Go to weight watchers.  I called up Debbie and we found the meeting room and we ventured out of our comfort zone.  I lost 68 pounds.  My start up weight was 243 pounds.  In 2005 I got pregnant with Karrea.  January of 2006 I got back into weight watchers and lost 50 pounds.  I got to that Dr. Goal weight of 176.  2007 is when I received that goal weight.  Ron sustained some back injuries and I had to help him.  A voice clearly said to me, this is why you are as big as you are.  So you can take care of Ron.  I was finally FREE.  I paid for about 5 years (remember, you can't go if you are pregnant :D).  What a relief.  I submitted my story into the SUCCESS contest and won 4 place in the nation, or our region.  I am not sure.  I got a few gift certificates, some food, a plant, and recognition.  It was a real exciting time for me. 
     2008 rolled around and the stress of working with Ron doing carpet cleaning and not having an eating schedule I slowly gained 20 pounds.  So from May to September I could feel the difference.  I found myself a couple of meetings to attend.  By January of 2009 I lost the 20 pounds.  I kept it off for a few months and then the life happened again.  From April to November 20 pounds creeped back on.  I was too busy to go to meetings.  By June of 2010 I was losing control of my eating.  By the time I went back to weight watcher August of 2010 I was up to 198 pounds.  I was so frustrated with myself.  HOW COULD I DO THIS TO MYSELF.  I KNOW BETTER!  RIGHT??  UGH. 
     Here I am.  Trying to be successful once again.  I hit my free lifetime status in March, and started being a receptionist for weight watchers.  I miss going to meetings but I love seeing the people and hopefully inspiring them in some shape or form.  I am not perfect.  If you see me in the grocery store I may have some "bad" chips or cookies in there.  "If you bite it you write it" and nothing is off limits.  "if you work the program, the program works for you!"
     I cannot express the gratitude I have in my heart and soul.  1) for God giving me strength 2) my family being patient with me and fending for themselves when I can't fix another meal 3) the ladies at the Kearney weight watcher meetings that give me advice and strength and teach me the things I need to be successful 4) I am grateful the products that I get to buy to keep me on track.  5) I really appreciate the people that attend the meetings that help lift me up.  I wouldn't be able to continue this journey if it wasn't for all the above. I  know I'm missing others. 
    Thank you.

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