Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life Begins with G

G Is for Grandma.  I can't even express how AWESOME it is to be a grandma.  I was blessed to be invited to Chris and Adrienne's house for the birth of their first born son.  Quinten Alan Pinchak.  I think I was in heaven (except I hope I don't gain 10 pounds in heaven in 3 weeks, UGH, lol)  It smelled like heaven, it felt like heaven, it seemed like heaven, I ate like I was in heaven.  If that is what Heaven is Like I want to be there FOREVER.
I know I won't see Quinten for a long time, so I cherished every second I had with him (he only got fussy on me once, but I still kissed his forehead :D)
I loved him on my chest for hours at a time.  He had Angel Lip gloss kisses on his head.  I just couldn't help it.  I hope no one caught me smelling his little hair.  (its so long in the back I think he will be the one to bring the Mullet back into style).
I enjoyed Him.  I hope he knows that I love him.  The only time I got teary eyed was when the "taxi" came and I had to say goodbye.   I gave Adrienne a hug and told her I loved her then I held Quentin in  my arms again, pulled him away, kissed his soft and squishy cheek and said GRANDMA LOVES YOU......I felt the emotion come, and I handed him to Adrienne quickly.  (its okay for me to cry now, I don't have mascara on, but then it was early in the morning, no time to reapply, :D)
I sit here trying to be busy so I don't miss them all.
It was really hard seeing Adrienne in pain after her C-section.  I wanted to take the pain away.  It was hard as she struggled to feed her little guy and tears would stream down her face.  I just wanted her to know that I understand and that we all learn and grow through these experiences.  She is stronger person now.
I loved seeing Chris hold his little man and try to change his diaper as fast as he could (15 min) so Poop wouldn't get on little guys socks, haha!
I truly enjoyed all the time I spent there.  No complaints, not one second of regret.  I was grateful for the sacrifice Chris and Adrienne gave so I could go to the sacred grove and Speak to God.  What a truly wonderful blessing that is.  Its a Grove of trees.  Pennsylvania is Full of Groves, so why is Palmyra, New York Different?  Because its Holy Ground.  God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ STOOD and TAUGHT truths in that grove of trees.  AWESOMENESS was all around.  I will try and share what I learned there. 
I got my wishes.  I had three.  I wished Adrienne and I could work things out! 
I wanted to love on my grand son.
I wanted to see the Sacred Grove and the Hill Cumorah.
I'm so grateful for Magic Wands that really do work!
I feel very blessed.
I met some wonderful people in their ward.
I started a new business because of the bishops wife. is what Lisa set me up with. 
I hope and pray God grants me many more Riches.


Christopher said...

It was sad to see you leave and was such a blessing to have you there to see him and to share that time of love with us. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the help that you provided for us. I love you mom! Thank you! Until we meet again...

Ps... It's Quinten... Hehe. ;)

shayster said...

Just checking to see if you read it. cough cough. I fixed it. Sorry! Love you guys

Elaine Edwards said...

that sweet baby is lucky to have you as grandma :)

Elaine Edwards said...

You're not blogging! I miss your thoughts