Wednesday, March 16, 2011 my best self?

     I believe it was January when I found out that I was close to being able to work for Weight Watchers.  That has been my goal from the first few weeks I started attending Weight Watcher meetings.  I have always felt the pull to stand up and help people.  I'm not always the perfect example but it's the Fight that keeps me going, and I find that in other people.  Encouragement is KEY in most situations.   I love the Weight Watchers gives you the knowledge and the tools to be successful.  If you are not finding success, Its YOU, and nobody else.  As of Friday, March 11, 2011 I was hired to work for Weight Watchers.  I will be a receptionist first and then they really want me to be a leader.   I can't wait for that challenge.
     As much as I want my family to EAT like I do, and FEEL like I do, I can't force it.  I provide the tools and the environment but they still have to choose.  They used to ask me HOW MANY POINTS IS THAT?  It was all fun and games.  Now I may say....DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY POINTS THAT IS?  ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CHOOSE TO EAT THAT?  They govern themselves.
     I know how hard it is.  Before Weight Watchers my success story consisted of Pills.  Yes, I was very successful on FEN/PHEN.  Now I may have heart problems.  (One DR says I do, One Agency says I don't, you know what I mean!)  I was also taking Phentermine.  Very successful.  I loved it because I didn't even THINK about eating.  Essentially Starving!  HEY!  worked!  Gained all my weight back and then some once I stopped taking the pills and at the time My feelings were hurt by a "friend" and I took my sadness with me to Runza double cheese burgers and Onion rings.  Don't get me wrong, I still eat at Runza, but its a Grilled Chicken Sand. and maybe some onion rings as a treat ONCE in awhile.
     Through my weight loss struggle I cried.  What really put me over the top, seeing I had a problem was a video of myself.  Triple Chin, Big bongo butt, and my gut had folds in it.  Did I feel this way?  NO!  I felt like Shanon.  I felt like ME.  When I looked at the video that was NOT ME......Who was that in my voice, and my eyes?  Sadness overwhelmed me!
     That night I prayed to my Heavenly Father for the right path for me.  The next day while watching the "forbidden" soap opera's I saw two or three commercials for Weight Watchers.  It felt RIGHT for me.  I called the 800 number and got some meeting information, called up my best friend at the time and asked her if she wanted to go.  We Went together.  I am so grateful.  We both struggled off and on.  We were both successful when we LIVED the LIFESTYLE.  What a great blessing this program has been for ME.
     Now I feel like I can bless the lives of other people.  Maybe sharing a spirit of accomplishment, share ups and downs.  Encourage people to be their best selves.  That doesn't mean Skinny.  That means healthy.  Being Wise in all that we do and say.  I'm ready to live what I believe, and share that knowledge.  Its like sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I can live by example.  If people want what I have and have been blessed with, I will share that opportunity.
     I have to pray every night for the strength from my Heavenly Father to go through the day in my weakness.  Through Him I have found strength.  My biggest Light Bulb Moment was at Time Out for Women.  Wendy Ulrich said that over eating IS NOT A SIN, it is a weakness.  Now in the RS lesson, it is against what Heavenly Father needs our temples to do.  God knows this is a weakness, and therefore, he will be our strength, and he will provide ways to strengthen us.  I'm grateful to him and to all those people who help me at Weight Watchers Tues and Thurs meetings.  Can't wait to meet more people and make them a part of my journey.

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