Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

A tradition I have started in the Matson family is that I give Thanks Giving Gifts.  I started this a few years ago.  It was so my family could see that I was truly thankful for them, even though I tend to be on the demanding side of the spectrum.  In the past I have given "things".  This year I gave them money.  They got to pick out their own "things".  Because of the money, it forced us to be together, and get along.  I LOVED IT!  We went where ever the kids wanted to check out the deals.  We also went out for Pizza, Pop and Bread sticks.  I think we had a wonderful night.  If money was no object, I would do that every week! 

We got home from the running around and as a "team" we started preparing for the family to be here the next day.  It was Thanksgiving.  We were fixing the Turkey mom sent home with us.  I fixed a chocolate cream, strawberry cream, and Key Lime Pie.  The kids got the potatoes scrubbed, peeled and cut, soaking in cold water.  Ron peeled and cut up the carrots (we had 4 lbs of carrots, I told him we had some at home, but he didn't believe me :D)  I baked the rolls, and made cheesy beans.  Rachelle brought the pies (apple and pumpkin) and the relish tray (broccoli, carrots, haha, tomatoes and celery).  Mom made the stuffing, scalloped corn, and sweet potato pie.  We ate buffet style.  I'm so glad, because then I didn't have the food staring at me the whole time.  You had to GET UP and get the food if you wanted more.  One plate was enough for me.  I was so proud of myself.  I made 2 kinds of mashed potatoes, one with butter and 1% milk and 1 with chicken broth.  You know which one I ate.  It was all so delicious. 

Lyle, Russell, Rachelle, Lucas, mom, and dad, Shai, Justice, Karrea, Ron and I were here for lunch, and then later on Michael, Dana and Keagan showed up for family time.  The guys watched a football game and the girls played dice and Hokie 6.  We I believe, had a lovely day.  We had a ham in the evening. 

Dad needed to rest and mom was feeling sick so they headed off around 8 or so.  As a family we sat around and watched a movie and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

Friday we sat around ALL DAY and watched movies and ate left overs.  This is where I got in trouble.  I could not resist mom's stuffing.  It kept calling my name.  Good thing I had a week to work it off.  I ended up losing .2 lbs.  I tried really hard to be good most days.  It is frustrating......its like once you start on the "goodies" its hard to stop. 

Monday I ended up making a turkey layer casserole to get "rid" of the left overs.  Tuesday I made a hash brown casserole with the left over ham.  They were both really good.  (turkey gravy, stuffing, gravy, potatoes and sliced cheese, bake in the oven til hot.  Frozen hash browns, cream of celery soup, a little bit of milk, some cheese and ham, bake in the oven for 50 minutes in 375 oven, like funeral potatoes.

What a great week.  I feel really blessed.  Its hard not having money for Christmas this  year, but as usual we will survive and we will be better people.  It's not the money anyway right?  Its about Who we are Celebrating.

Happy Holidays Everyone.
Please share a Holiday Tradition with me!

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Elaine Edwards said...

What a wonderful tradition. Memories is what it's all about and you are making some awesome ones