Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great weather

I have been very thankful for good weather this fall season.  This past year financially hasn't been as stable as last year.  I know why, but it's not my place to do anything.  This is Ron's lesson to learn.  In the mean time I pray that God grants us the funds to at least do what we NEED to do.  I talked to my dad on Saturday about these latter days.  He quoted scripture (which is kind of nice for a change) If You do what is right, the Lord will take care of you, is basically what he said.  if I do what is right.  All of us have to do our part.  This is the Thanksgiving season.  I feel like I need to tell my Heavenly Father Thank YOU for all of the many blessings I have.
1.  A warm home, even if it does take a space heater in a bedroom or two
2.  Space to have kids playing, even if its running and they fall
3.  Money to do a few things that I like to do, like get my nails painted
4.  Healthy kids.  An occasionally cold, or flu, but no major surgeries, or injuries
5.  Internet.  I received a few emails from Adrienne, and even though she is over a thousand miles away, I can still "hear" from her.
6.  My Church Calling.  I have been able to do quite a few baptisms and work for my kindred dead.  I'm sure it wouldn't have been done if I was the Family History Center Director.  They would still be names on a page and not in a computer.
7.  Temples to do the work.  I love to feel the Saviors love in the temple.  I love that you can Feel people in the temple.  (like Shai feeling Granny place her hand on her knee and saying I'M HAPPY).  I love the peaceful feelings you get in a world of turmoil.  I pray that God will bless me with the money to keep attending.
8.  I'm grateful that I do have a job.  It has been really rough watching two babies that are teething and not liking life right now.  I pray that God changes me, or God changes them. 
9.  I am grateful for computer games.  I would be absolutely insane if I didn't have anything to do.  i don't watch T.V.  its usually on PBS all day or Karrea has free reign of the showings.
10.  I'm grateful for Netflix, that helps me have instant streaming of movies and shows without the storage of video's and if I don't like it I don't watch it and I don't feel like I wasted my money.  What a great find for 9.00 a month.  I was spending about 500.00 a year just on DVD's now they come in the mail, or instant on computer or Blu-Ray
11.  I'm Grateful for R.com.  We had dial up for years.  So grateful that they got a tower out here in the boonies.  What a huge blessing.  I have been able to watch Conference at home.  YAY.
12.  I'm grateful that God has given me strength in my weaknesses.  I have lost 20 pounds since the middle of August.  I wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for his loving guidance in what I should eat.  I know that sounds dumb, but when you have struggled for as long as I have (24 years) you would appreciate God's gift.
I have more things that I'm grateful for but its time to get lunch started.
I hope everyone has a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
My brothers Roger, Russell and Lyle are invited to come, and my mom and dad are too.  We have a small menu planned, and games to enjoy each other's company with.

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