Monday, January 3, 2011

Pay if Forward

     I have missed writing here. I have been in a funky mood.   No money, much pressure to provide, etc.
My friend Elaine ordered some Mary Kay from me and I felt I wanted to meet her in Grand Island, kind of half way for both of us.  I felt that Justice and I could spend the day together and then hang out with Elaine, and my parents.  Make it a day for his birthday.  Dec. 9th was his birthday, but his friend was having a Air Soft Gun Party on Friday (which he had a blast) and so Saturday I promised him a date night.
     I hadn't been speaking to Ron for about a week or so, but I was starting to soften.  I asked if he wanted to go along.  We tried to wake up Shai but she "didn't hear us".  Justice asked Karrea to make sure she had her hat and gloves because it was extremely cold out.  She started throwing a fit, and when I told her she wasn't going, the kicking and screaming started.  I looked at Justice and said, LET'S GO.  I wasn't in the mood to DEAL with Attitude that wasn't positive.  I mean, really.  I can barely stand to be around myself when I am full of "attitude".
     Justice's favorite place to eat is Country Pride in Alda.  Ron and I discovered it traveling back and forth on the interstate from Hasting to Kearney when there was so much construction in HWY 6/34.
     Its all you can eat.  Yep.  You order off the menu, for ex.  Hamburger and fries.  You want another hamburger or fries, the waitress (in this case a waiter) will bring you another plate.  J.D. was salivating.  I have a hard time containing myself because I really want breakfast food.  All you can eat pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, etc.  Oh, That is PURE HEAVEN for me.
Alas, I had a chopped sirloin, baked potato, and vegetable, and salad.  I tried to be good, UNTIL the Strawberry Shortcake came out with ice cream and whipped topping. 
     Justice was kind enough to share.  That was the waiter's way of saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN.  We were both surprised, it even had a burning candle on top.  SWEET!  We enjoyed every bite.  He was so full he didn't have room to finish his second round of fries.  OH Darn!  It was getting time to meet Elaine so I gave the waiter my debit card.  He said "It's already taken care of"  I said, No it isn't!  He repeated himself....."It's already taken care of!"  and then he pointed to the man sitting diagonal from us. 
     I saw the man come in about 15 minutes earlier.  He was a BIG, DARK, and TALL MAN.  He had a DEEP VOICE, wasn't from around these parts.  Huge Gold Necklaces around his neck, dark sunglasses still stylin on  his face.  He sounded like he was from Miami, or Brooklyn.  He had is fingerless gloves still on too.  Mind you, it was 12 degrees below zero with the wind biting everything that wasn't covered!  I turned around in AW.  I thanked him profusely.  That was an extra 20.00 in my pocket.  Justice and I talked with him for about 15 min.  Found out he was from Miami, he owned his own trucking company, drives for a Utah company, (that is funny)and he has four boys of his own. 
     What a blessing he was for us that day.  It re-established that there are good people out in the world....STILL.  Oh, and never judge a book by its cover (or stature!  lol)  It made me want to PAY IT FORWARD.  Do you have a PAY IT FORWARD story?

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