Friday, November 5, 2010


We got news back in the spring that Christopher's family lost their job in Colorado and was relocating to Pennsylvania.  I knew right there and then that Chris and Adrienne would be moving.  The pressure and pull from that family is too great to withstand.
Guess what?  I was right. 
Saturday night we met the Adrienne and Chris at Subway East after the leadership meeting at the church.  (good thing it was on strengthening the youth and being supportive parents).  Chris whispered in Adrienne's ear and then told us that they were moving.
I looked at Ron very sadly and said "I TOLD YOU THEY WOULD BE MOVING"  They didn't believe that I had predicted that.  Actually I strongly believe that God whispered it to me so that I wouldn't be in TOTAL SHOCK when they told me.  I wasn't Shocked, but I was upset.  My first thought I don't get to be the grandma that I wanted to be.  Second thought dare the Pinchaks pressure these kids to follow them.  Give them a mind of their own.
We got home and visited a bit.  Shai had her play that night, the Wizard of Oz.  Knowing that Adrienne wouldn't have much time left with her siblings I asked Adrienne if she would go and pick up Shai, she declined which put me in a BAD MOOD.  Does she realize the magnitude of her time away from Nebraska.  I don't think she grasps the concept that it will be YEARS before we are all together again.
I spun out in the Denali.  Needless to say, I was pretty upset.  I know that selfishness runs in this family deep, but come on!
I barked all the way when Shai was in the car.  How can someone be so inconsiderate?  (well, I think it comes with age)
Sunday I got  up at 8:30 and got ready for Church.  It was state conference.  A lot of things were weighing on my mind.  I wanted to see if someone had the answers for me.  No one was stirring in the house, so I left without them.  I found a soft seat on the stage and got my notebook out.  All of the talks were targeted for temple attendance.  Shona Heim talked about how we can be emotionally stable to receive these blessings.  I am grateful for this talk.  I didn't catch the tail end of it because that is when Ron and Karrea interrupted me and my train of hearing.  (UGH-NEVER FAILS).  I thanked God for the little peace and quiet I did have and got to hear the message that was written for ME.
After Church we went to the pizza place and met my parents.  They didn't go to conference due to a new medicine Bev is on, but they still came down to see Shai in the play.  We enjoyed our visit.  I vented about the kids moving.  Mom was saddened too.  She told me she knew what it was like because Miranda is so far away.  (in walla walla Washington)
We went to the play and enjoyed it.  We got home and had strawberry shortcake for Karrea's 5th birthday and enjoyed seeing her smile and laugh and open her gifts.  She got 3 skirt outfits, 3 rooms for her dollhouse, and a computer CD and 5.00 from my parents.  She got a giant coloring book and a bag of pens from Adrienne.  Shai got her a movie and so did Justice.  I bought her a few from Hasting......where the wild things grow, furry vengeance, and camp rock. (I'm missing something, haha)  We had a good visit.  Adrienne and Chris said they would try to make it for Thanksgiving....I highly doubt that...there was something in HIS voice.  (mom noticed it too)
Mom and dad ventured home, dad forget his insulin at home.  Shai got ready to trick or treat.  I told her she didn't need to but she paid her dad to take her clear across town to Taylor's home.  (I thought she should stay home and visit with Chris and Adrienne, but I think she was hurt by Adrienne's lack of enthusiasm the night before.)
It came time for Adrienne to leave for home and Karrea said we would be up to visit them.  I corrected her and said we won't be able to see Adrienne again.  She was moving far far away.  Karrea thought that 2 movies was far enough and it was doable.  I said.......No, they are moving to Pennsylvania and we wouldn't be able to visit them for a few years.  She would probably be 10 by the time we got to visit with them again.  Karrea started to cry.  (Just like me Saturday).  Then she got angry (just like me Sunday).  It was hard seeing her be so sad knowing that is how I feel too.
So it is what it is.  They are moving on to bigger and better things.  I understand it.  We have nothing to offer them.  We can't help them temporally or spiritually or emotionally.  Why stay in Nebraska when there is so much world out there to see.  I wish them well now.  I am hoping I can save enough money to go there next May and visit.  Maybe take Shai with me.  We shall see.  Bottom line, I'm sure is, I'm jealous, I wished it was me that was going on a new adventure.  We are hoping they will be here for Thanksgiving, to say goodbye to my brothers and cousins.

*****UPDATE.......I got a text Friday the 5th saying they were moving the 6th........I cried for days.  I have prayed for strength, even bore my testimony, many sisters came up to me and gave me a hug and said they would pray for me.  I have literally felt their prayers for me.  Some people view me as TOO emotional, some people think I can DO IT ALL......I'm just grateful that God grants me what I need because HE KNOWS ME most of all.  we didn't get to say goodbye.  This family is really hurt.  Hopefully together we can work it out! 


Elaine Edwards said...

Hey you! My stupid phone has been off all week. I feel so out of touch! I have all but given up on my MaryKay order being submitted. Maybe we can use Adrienne's number to order?

shayster said...

MY LONG LOST FRIEND!!! She is, her number is. NOW WHAT?

jayedee said...

sometimes, doesn't it feel like we are given children just to see how much we can really stand?

Rhonda said...

That's pretty awesome that Chris's family is willing to help them out and let them move with them. I pray everyday my kids move away from Nebraska and see what the real world has to offer them. I feel so spoiled to have grown up where I did and my kids only know about farm ground and cows. I know it will be hard to let them go when they do leave.
Hang in there Shanon!