Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I would feel loved if......

1. You said couple prayer with me.
2. Take the reigns on getting the family together for FHE
3. Take the lead on Family scripture study
4. Take the lead on Family Prayer
5. Would decide what chores you want to help out around the house.
6. Do your "chores" with out me asking. Just like you don't have to ask me to clean the house or do the laundry or even fix supper.
7. You would take me on a date. Not just walmart. Maybe a restaurant, or a park, or the movies.
8. Pay for said date without complaining and pay a healthy tip without complaint.
9. Take me to Winter Quarters once a month
10. Get me a glass of water once in awhile with only 5 pieces of ice. (my teeth are sensitive, lol)
11. Help me clean out the car when we get home from a long trip
12. Laugh and smile when we are in the car for a long trip. Talk to me, even.
13. Follow the rules of driving, on the road, not the shoulder, lol!
14. Take the kids out on a date. Get to know them. You know Castle better than you know Shai.
15. Hug and kiss me, all the time, not just when you want something.
16. You said it once in awhile
17. Listen to me. Don't make me repeat myself 5 times 10
18. Buy me a gift once in awhile.
19. Ask me if I need anything
20. Clean up after yourself.

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