Tuesday, September 14, 2010

what rocks my world

I think one of my problems in life is I don't know what would make me happy. I know that nobody can make me happy. Its MY CHOICE to be happy. I was hoping there were some things that do make me happy. I will choose to list them just for a reminder when I feel unhappy, i can see, that I should be happy.
1. I love to play the piano
2. I love to teach lessons
3. I love to talk on the computer to my "imaginary friends"
4. I love to help people. physically, and emotionally and spiritually
5. I love to cook if and when I have the ingredients.
6. I love to see my children achieve their goals
7. I love to see my children smile
8. I love to spend money on my children
9. I love to have a clean house
10. I love a clean kitchen.
11. I love my bathroom clean
12. I love my bedroom organized
13. I love to make cards for other people
14. I love to read my scriptures
15. I love to be with my kids when they are getting along
16. I love to help Ron with his business, I also like to get paid a minimum for my services too, and not just in "trade"
17. I love to watch a good chic flick movie
18. I l0ve to see love blossom
19. I love to hold my new born babies
20. I love to eat. I hate dieting. I would really really really happy if I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted.
21. I love to blare my radio on my denali with the windows rolled town and the top open
22. I love having plenty of money (well, I wouldn't know what that really feels like)
23. I love when My friends help me out emotionally. I don't have friends that help me physically. Last time was 2008 when the hail took out the west side of our house.
24. I love to make people laugh.
25. I love to be the answer to someones prayers.
26. I love to color in a color book
27. I love to get my toe nails done and my finger nails done
28. I love wearing new clothes
29. I love being where God needs me to be
30. I love being a good friend
31. I love singing alto
32. I love chinese food
33. I love the color PINK
34. I loved to be loved. But I don't quite know what that is supposed to feel like.

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