Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lessons learned so we can be like the Savior

I missed the lesson in Kearney about having the Attributes of the Savior. I did though enjoy a wonderful lesson from Sister Rosa in the Maple Ward in Omaha. I loved her thick accent. I was about 20 min. late and it is the first "class" but the pull was too strong, so I went in the back door and found a seat. Was I among strangers? Never set foot in that building before.
I walked in on a analogy. The twenty dollar bill analogy. Some of us are like the crumpled up, dirty, torn, smelly, marked up, very well USED twenty dollar bill. But NONE of us are worth LESS to the Savior then the Crisp, NEW, Fragrant 20.00 dollar Bill!
Tears welled in my eyes.
Jesus Loves every one. He had compassion.
She talked about how her two friends were getting a divorce and how the husband betrayed the wife. The wife questioned how Rosa could even speak to this man again. Because she prayed to forgive him.
Jesus died that all man may be forgiven, and understood.
Tears welled in my eyes. There are a few ladies in the church that have hurt me deeply, I felt a calming over my soul and I think I forgave them Completely that moment! How do you know if you have forgiven someone? I once heard a talk on BYU TV and he said, you will most likely remember hurts always, but if you can remember them with reverence, then know that you have forgiven.
When you don't have the anger swell inside just saying their name, and you can talk about it without a Gossip tone, I believe you are forgiving.
I feel very blessed to have Rosa teach by the spirit that day! I wished All teachers tried with all their might to have the spirit into their lessons.
Sunday School was awesome too, Which in the Kearney Ward it Always is when Sister Prater is teaching. But one thing struck me, it was on Having Good leaders, which I heard the week before, so wasn't so nervous about looking up scriptures (cuz I didn't have mine, haha). The Church Should Strive to have the best possible Leaders. Leading and Guiding All aspects of the Organizations. Is it inspiration, or desperation? Can a "bad" leader change? If you find you have a "bad" leader, do you "fire" them?
I know I sucked really bad the first few times I taught in RS and YW. How those ladies stayed awake I have no idea. I always asked for the spirit though. The words can be said by anyone, the spirit is what changes people.
Jesus was the spirit, taught with conviction. Not everyone believed, or understood, or wanted to know. That is so true in this World we live in today, but Never stop trying! No matter what the cost.....loneliness.....Jesus knows that all too well! Ask for his favors and blessings.
Rosa, I am so grateful for the tear filled RS lesson. I just wished I had some Kleenex's to cling too.
Among strangers? No. The spirit saw no strangers that day for me! The Church is TRUE!


Elaine Edwards said...

I know Rosa!! She went through the temple with me for my first time! She completely took me under her wing since I didn't have an escort and didn't know I needed one. She wrote me a lovely letter after the temple. I keep it with my patriarchal blessing. She is a gem

shayster said...

Small world, there is a sweet sister in my ward that Rosa took under her wing too. When I grow up I want to be just like ROSA