Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Miracle days

Have you ever just had one of those days where the sun is bright, and the everything thing seems to come up roses?
That was my Tuesday.
Saturday was fast day. I chose to fast and pray about God helping me take away my OCD about food. Each day I have done pretty good. The OCD edge was gone.
I was feeling very grateful.
Ron and I were cleaning the Thompson house. I have never cleaned it before but Terry remembered that Ron and Justice were here the last time. I didn't see very many family pictures around, just some cute boys with Terry. We cleaned the basement, so I'm not sure what was upstairs.
I sat in the Van most of the time doing paper work. Very hot, and muggy because of the light rain we received earlier that day. But it was NICE. I was basking! All I needed was a splash from a pool jumper and It would have been perfect (reflected on when I was a lifeguard and all the teen boys would see if they could splash the girl life guards with a "watermelon" or "preacher sitter" or a "cannon ball". LOL)
I sensed Ron needed some help so I offered to Buff the remaining carpets while he scrubbed the 13 stairs. Not a fun task, that is why they are 3.50 a piece. I got the rest of the basement done just as he was finishing up. Great timing!
Just as we were leaving a white car came in the drive way. It was my WW buddy Lori. OH MY HECK. She came over to my window and we got to talking. She told me she was Finally going to go back to WW. Tears came to my eyes. I have been trying to go back to WW for about a month now. Wow, basically after Adrienne's wedding. She answered my prayers. For some reason when she said that I got a Strength that I can't describe. She mentioned one of our other friends may be back too. I'm so excited.
Went home, got changed, and checked Weight Watchers online. 1.00 to join until Saturday. YAY. Since I'm a lifetime member, I'm not sure if I had to pay or not. Who cares. I'm going back. Now, I'll have to pay until I get to my goal weight, but like Lori says, that is my punishment, haha!
I got to the meeting about 15 min. early. So good to see familiar fun faces. I'm so excited. Blanche retired all the way now, so there are 3 new ladies. Fresh meat! Sweet! Bev was excited to see me. I was so excited to see her.
I can do this! Thank you Heavenly Father.
Another fun thing was I was checking out Mike's facebook and seen he went to the Bahama's with his family. 2 weeks he was gone. Said he spent a fortune, but so worth it. I am going to plan a vacation now that we only have 3 children who actually get along with each other! haha (without cute boys along).
Where should we go? any ideas. Remember.........I'm poor! haha!

Do you smell that? roses!!


Elaine Edwards said...

Isn't it amazing that prayers are answered every single time?

I think you can get a petite cut at Texas Roadhouse :)

shayster said...

OH THANK YOU!! I was thinking that our a grilled chicken, baked potato, salad, oh I can't wait!!! I'm just hoping mister meiser doesn't think its too expensive! :D