Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 6, 1988

Is a day I will never forget.

1988 was a strange year for me. New Years Eve (1988) I was asked out on a date by my high school Crush. (I call him Crusher now). Chad Hackencamp. Blond Hair, Steely Blue Eyes, and a smile that could melt me too many times. I was going to give up all for that boy. I was going to get married in his church, move wherever he wanted. I was ready for an adventure. Leave school and pursue married life.

February of 1988. I was missing my fiance. I was needing direction in my life. Chad wanted me to stay in Cedar City and finish out my schooling. I had a year and 1/2 to go to get my degree in Physical Education. Student teaching was coming up. I panicked. I fasted and prayed for guidance. I wasn't worthy for an answer, but I did receive one. After getting up from my knees of prayer I turned the radio on and there was a song playing..........when you come to a fork in the road, chose your path, and you will be guided.

I got on the phone and told my mom I was coming home. I made all the arrangements I could. Packed up and headed home on the bus. I told Chad I was coming home and he was upset with me. He told me to stay. I didn't feel impressed to stay. We argued, I hung up on him, and he never really spoke to me after that.

I got home, tried to contact him, several times. It always ended in hurt feelings. Two weeks I tried. Finally I prayed again. I asked my brother Kevin to give me ride to Chads trailer. I was done. God gave me strength to give him all his stuff back. He didn't shed a tear. I didn't either, really. Kevin was there to hold my hand and help me through it.

Two weeks passed, I dated a couple of people here and there. Dennis Hall, Brian Stewart, flirted with a few boys, but nothing solid. I could feel the loneliness set in. Why was I prompted to come back to McCook Nebraska to struggle!

I broke down and called him. My mom brought his name up often. It was quite annoying. Boring is the word that came up to my mind every time she mentioned Ron Matson. "Oh, look how handsome he is" "Oh, he is just so nice" (mom, he doesn't even talk! ugh)

He was 20 minutes late for our date. He fell asleep in the tub. Great impression Ron. Great visual I had! haha!

Well, me and Mr. late for a date are still married. 22 years we have been late, and still chugging along!

So yes, to all those who want to know. I asked Ron to marry me. And he said YES!

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