Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week in Paradise?

Last week Justice spent 7 days at Scout camp. It was a nice break for him. I think he learned alot and endured alot. He had a lot of things to share with us, but not a lot of time to do that. Between Shai's friends and eating and sleeping and movies, we really haven't listened to his adventures. Shame on us!
We enjoyed girls night out when Ron went to McCook to pick up his new toy. Its a Yamaha Motorcycle. I've gotten to sit on it the 4th of July, but I chose to stay home instead of venture off to get it Friday night. Justice got home Saturday afternoon.
I wanted to enjoy Justice's stories so we went to lunch to Ruby Tuesday's but it was too "noisy" there so we just went home. I couldn't believe the bill. How do people live with themselves charging 3.49 for a lemonade! NEVER AGAIN!!!! 4 People eating burgers and fries was almost 60.00 That is pure craziness. I have kicked myself ever since. What a waste of money and time. The conversation was NILL because noisy people were there! UGH Oh well, I tried.
This week its Shai's turn for camps. Yesterday morning she left for Theater camp. She is an officer in the Thespian Club so she is having training. Tomorrow she leaves for girls camp. I heard some of the horror stories she has endured at camp. I looked her in the eye and asked why she went.
She goes for spiritual uplift, not to totally socialize with the Upper crowd. What? there is an upper crowd in the Mormon church? I've never known that feeling.........cough cough! I feel really sad. Really REALLY REALLY sad! Aren't we all equal? I know we are all equal. I only guard myself from those who are HURTFUL, not those who are Different. Didn't Christ do that too? Shame on "girls" who think they are better than others! I guess some of the leaders are just as bad. Maybe its a good thing I'm not in Yw. I would have a mouth full.
The goal while I was camp director was LOVE and FUN and know who you REALLY are and who needs you to be the best person..........that means KINDNESS.
My heart is sad for her. If i had it my way I wouldn't send her there. I pray that she gets the strength, love and fellowship that SHE needs while she is camping with bugs, snakes and spiders!
Have a great time in Paradise Shai! God will bless you with good friends and good leaders!

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