Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the 4th of july was.......

supposed to be the McCook Class reunion of the century. Lots of food, friends, street dance, Party in the Streets. My brother Russell planned on attending along with Ron's family. They were all raised there in McCook. Where was I that weekend?
Working! Friday was supposed to be a fun time but Ron didn't want to venture off. Saturday was supposed to be the street dance But Ron didn't want to go. I felt trapped. (as usual) I made the best of Saturday. We went out for Chinese, just Shai, Karrea, Daddy and I. Justice was off on his own adventure at scout camp. Camp Cedars for the LDS boys. (could have fooled me by some of the scouts conduct, but what do I know?)
We sat around, ate, watched movies, ate some more, went got a sodie, and ate some more, watched movies. Ron fell asleep a couple of times, by 6:00 pm he was stir crazy. He was bored. He was ready to do something. Too late now honey!
Sunday morning arrives......WE ARE GOING TO MCCOOK. Day late and a dollar short. What a party goer!
We headed off to Mccook. Put one of the new movies in the DVD player and got to McCook around noon. We got a sodie, and went to Bob's house. He and his "fiance" were packing up to go to Culbertson to a family reunion. (I didn't know he was fianced! Yolanda finally showed me the ring. Beautiful!) Off they went. Left Mike, Kelly and us standing there. I understood, we came unannounced. As Usual!
We headed to Runza for some lunch. Mac's Drive in is Closed for Sunday so that was a bummer. I don't know what it is about those greazy burgers and fries but they pull you in every time.
We sat at Runza for a couple hours talking with Mike and Kelly Clapp. Good conversation trying to catch up. Karrea played in the toys with some kids. She had fun.
After Runza Russell called me and said he was just leaving Jim Trails place. He found us over at Denise's which is right next door to Jim's. I didn't know he lived there. Since we knew the owner, we gave Shai permission to light off some of her firecrackers. I'm sure it thrilled the neighbors.
I mentioned to Russell that we were testing Motorcycles out. Really? Jim Trail is selling his Yamaha. We saw Jim driving by and we followed him. He let Ron and I hop on the back to see if our butts fit. YEP, they did!
We thanked Jim for his time, and I told him I would let him know if Ron was interested and could come up with the money. NO PROBLEM.
Around 9:30ish I get a text from Shai....he toe was bothering her and she was sitting in dad's pickup.
Denise, or should I say, Nurse Denise and I went out there. Denise said Shai's toe was really infected and that it was going to need looked at. Shai had been fasting and praying for an answer to her toe. We believe this was the answer. Denise took her in and cleaned it up best she could. It still didn't look good.
Denise called the foot Dr that she had worked for and got his opinion. We were to come to his house.......yes, on the 4Th of July and he would look at it and give her some meds, and a prescription.
He agreed that it looked bad. We got a call around 11:00 pm saying Meet me at the office.
yep. Shai had toe surgery, talk about a bang up night!
I held her hand as she got 4 shots into her big sore, red toe. She was a big girl. She should have gotten a lolly pop. Me too! I saw him use the scissors on her nail and then scrap everything thing out, you could hear him scraping on the bone, I am so grateful I didn't pass out and that I was sitting on the opposite side of the VIEW. Denise was over there. WHEW!
He gave her a clean up kit, and some meds and scripts. Wished her luck and we all went back to the fireworks. (I'm sure the cannon he was using was LEGAL! LOL)
What an answer to prayer.
Before we had met up with Russ, Ron was driving around. We were looking for Nancy's car. We had driven by Denise's home to see they were in the car heading off, so we searched for them. We found them at the grocery store. At first Denise seemed cold. I would have normally just walked away but I stayed and tried really hard to find conversation. It was a little awkward, but felt needful.
We ended up laughing and talking in the parking lot for about a 1/2 hour. That is when I got a call from Russell
Lots of lessons learned that day. Go with the FLOW even if its not your idea. I was pleasant about the trip. I'm usually pushing to go or pulling to keep from going, but today was a day of easi-ness.....It wasn't about me! It was about Shai. I'm so grateful that Shai had the faith to fast and pray about her toe. I was totally concerned and prayed about it Friday, but it was her prayer and fasting to do. I'm so grateful Denise was the answer to her prayers.....they will have that bond! I'm so grateful that Russell shared his motorcycle info. We looked at one, it was 16,000. Nice bike, but wanted over 400.00 a month for payments. Too rich for our blood! This one was 3 years old, 5, 000 miles, fits both of us, has hard bags, and 2 helmets and only 6, 000. That is a steal! I'm so grateful that Jim did this for Ron. They have been lifelong family friends. To hear their stories (Russ and Jim) its amazing they are both still alive and members of the church, haah! God loves us and answers prayers, even on a holiday! Thank you Dr. Hinze!


Elaine Edwards said...

I watched Daniel have that same toe surgery. I almost fainted so I know what you mean. :) I agree with your saying "go with the flow even if it isn't your idea." What a great mantra!

shayster said...

Some Day Girl we are going to Go With The Flow and Party! this weekend??? (the 6th)