Friday, July 9, 2010

July already

Some random thoughts go through my mind.
I'm sorry for all those I have let down and not followed through with, such as writing to my visiting teaching ladies. Not writing to my step dad Jerry. Not being there on Sunday to play the piano for Relief Society. Do I really matter? Pam Carlson wrote me a note and said that I do, but the hard part is I don't believe her! (shame on me) I say get the CD player.
I was asked to teach next Sunday. The lesson is on Priesthood Organization. We'll see what the Lord guides me to do. Maybe I'll be sick that day!
I think Mom teaches that lesson too. Maybe I'll see what her plan is!
I hate struggling with my thoughts on not being needed. I think I have said that for 19 months now. Not sure what I'm supposed to learn.
Last Wednesday was a blast in the FHC. Patricia, Cheryl, Gloria, Lisa and I just shared funny stories and sisterly love. I don't think that is exactly what the FHC center is for but it worked out that day! I LOVE THOSE LADIES! Each of those ladies (except Lisa) I have been a visiting teacher too. I am so blessed.
Thoughts of moving creep in because of a few bad apples, and hard feelings, but deep deep down I would so miss my Sisters in the Kearney ward. There have a few Wednesday where there has been gatherings! hha I just wished the Kearney Stake could use Sister Matson again!
I miss girls camp, youth conference, adult meetings, etc. Some day! right? Someday!
I can't help but feel that my focus is on this family. I have always focused on the family, but first was my callings! I felt they built me up spiritually. I built a lot of friendships throughout the stake. I have never met a stranger, so I've been told. I love people, I love to watch people, I love to understand people.
Maybe that is a trait that God loves? I bet he is a people watcher! haha


Gramee said...

good to see you post.
been a while.

shayster said...

Thank much to write about, but just can't find the words. KWIM?