Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wed in Omaha

We got to Omaha later than I thought we would. Ron was doing really good in the morning with his back and then he coughed and he threw his back out again. He spent all morning trying to stretch it out, and relieve some of the pain. We finally left Kearney around 2:30 or so.
We had to stop and tinkle twice and so we were later yet.
We had a blast though. We sang songs, we laughed like crazy, and we talked about goals and what we wanted most out of life. Really enjoyed the journey, drive.
We got to the motel and got dressed. Left the kids at the motel and we headed to the
Winter Quarters temple for Adrienne's big day.
I was feeling nauseous. I couldn't shake it. I talked with a few friends, they gave me some great advice, but the knots and hurt feelings were very overwhelming.
I got in the bathroom at the temple and Adrienne was in there. I said maybe 5 words to her. It was very awkward.
We have an odd relationship. She has to come to me. I feel like I'm an intruder if I don't wait for her to call, her to start talking, her to initiate anything. If I speak out of turn, I am annoying to her. Its very odd.
Tuesday she called me to ask about cheap nice motel rooms, I told her Rodeway was my opinion. I drove over there, checked out their rooms. the kings were taken for the weekend and rooms were going fast, so I panicked and got her a room. He asked if she was paying on Saturday, I said I didn't know. If they didn't pay, just use the credit card I just used. He put that in the notes. I called Adrienne to let her know not to book one on Friday in Kearney, I got it. She was annoyed.
I guess she didn't want 2 beds, she was wanting a king, they didn't have a king, and what difference did it make, they wouldn't be sleeping "separate" anyway. UGH. I was so upset that she was annoyed with me. HELLO if my mom called and said, "HEY I got you a nice room for your honey moon" I would be doing a happy dance! Have you ever seen that show BRIDEZILLA? I'm starting to see a resemblance here! }

I went about my business getting ready, trying to calm myself and get the spirit. It was awkward seeing his family there. No angry feelings, just weird. Adrienne wasn't in there yet. I was sitting in the 2nd row, 3rd seat. First seat available, besides the gentlemen asked me who I was and I said I was the mom of the sister who should be sitting in the first seat.

I sat in the "room" and felt like I had to leave. My stomach was all knotted up. Adrienne and Jacquie came in and sat down beside me. Jacquie grabbed my hand, I think I was very cold. I didn't mean to be. Tears flowed.
I prayed a small prayer for someone to sit by me. I saw Kat Merrill come in and I remembered Pam was going to be there (picture of her and I below). When she walked in I pointed to the chair next to me and asked if she would sit by me. She looked at Kat and she sat down by me. I started to cry again. I gave her a hug and thanked her for being an answer to prayer.
{I am who I am because of Pam Carlson. She has mentored me over the years in different callings I have had with her. She is amazing. }
I felt calm, and all was well in the "room" She whispered to me in the C room and said to go and greet Adrienne as she came in the room. It wasn't my place first......I pushed Ron into Adrienne's arms which started her water works, then she came to me, and hugged and then kissed me on the cheek.
Ron and I went and sat by the scriptures. I said a small prayer of how I can deal with Life and Family......Ether 12 opened up. FAITH. That is it! Faith. I knew that, but GOD reminded me! I'm so grateful!
Thank you friends, for your prayers, kindness, and advice. You have made me so much sweeter. and life so much sweeter.
I'm in the motel room now waiting to go to the temple for family pictures and their sealing. I'm hoping not to feel so awkward. Adrienne and Chris are supposed to be there at 4, we were told not to be there until 5:30 or so.
Why do I feel awkward?
(Well, I really didn't appreciate someone thinking I was crazy, making things up in my mind, and then calling me angry and bitter. When I wasn't. I told them I was concerned. I asked Adrienne what she possibly told Chris's parents for them to over react and say I was crazy. She will have a lot of explaining to do to Heavenly Father someday.
)For now, its just awkward, because I'm not crazy, I'm a mom, that saw and heard warning signs, and voiced my concern.


Elaine Edwards said...

Trace over reacted and lashed out because he didn't want to hear that someone didn't think his son was the most perfect person on the planet. He hasn't spent the last 3 years with Chris and seen him in any environment other than in Colorado with him. So he was probably shocked to hear what other people see who have spent time with him in Kearney and Omaha. You're not crazy. I'm glad that Adrienne warmed up to you in the C room. Good luck tomorrow my dear. Call me if you wanna get together before you leave Omaha. :)

shayster said...

Elaine, thank you. This is how I was feeling too.

Bishop Family said...

Sound like it was a crazy a hard time for you. I am sorry. I just want you to know that you are not crazy. You are far from it. I can't think if a nicer and more fun person. If you can't get along with Shannon then you can't get along with anyone. Good luck and I know that every one will come around just give it time.