Monday, June 14, 2010

Thursday at the temple

Thursday morning at the motel was slow. The bed was kind of soft for Ron and so it took him a few hours to get moving. His back went out on Wednesday after he coughed. We missed breakfast because we stayed up to late having fun. Ron finally got warmed up around lunch time and we headed to Old Country Buffet.
Enjoyed a great lunch. You get to have a huge variety. Made everyone happy. Ron took us back to the motel and then ran around for Trace Pinchak (not pinchek, PINCHAK) he made that very clear with the rental place where he got the table and chairs.
He got back later than we hoped. We got to the temple just in time. I had asked if we needed to be there for pictures and I was told 5:15-5:30, pictures were to be taken afterwards. I tried to stress to the photographer about the lighting, but what do I know. 2 pictures were taken of the Matson family after the ceremony and it wasn't even in front of the famous stained glass window. SAD SAD times. Which left hurt feelings again! We got there and the photographer was taking pictures of his family with the bride and groom. I shake my head in dismay! PUT ON A HAPPY FACE!!!

The sealer said many wonderful things. I have heard sealers say some of the same things, but now they are talking to MY daughter. Hoping that they are listening. I know I was, and I was hoping my husband of 22 years was listening. "men who don't listen to their wives are stupid" Yes, he said that, now he said a few other things in there too to make his point TRUE. LOL

It really floored me of how women dress for a temple wedding. One of his aunts skirt was so short that when she crossed her legs, you could see unmentionables. No wonder when the temple president speaks to wards at stake conference the temple matron stresses the way we should properly dress in the temple. Its not about bouncy cutsie outfits, its about modesty and reverence. It was awkward to say the least! Luckily I wasn't sitting straight across. I was sitting across someone who had HOLY socks though! (putting black socks on my next shopping list, haha)

I was so grateful for my friend Kelci to be there for when we exited the temple. My niece Danielle was there too. What a sweet spirit. They got my mind on bigger and better things and the spirit was strong.
I was so grateful that my aunt Angie and her husband, Garth could be there for hugs and support. Not too many people drive from Blanding Utah to be at a great niece's wedding. I was so grateful for their love and support at the BBQ later that night. No one on his side barely talked with us. It was like the Hatfield's and McCoys. How do you NOT take offense to the awkwardness. I was grateful for Cheryl Taylor letting us crash at her house, what a beautiful spirit she has. So grateful.
I put on a good face and just let the spirit guide me to where I was supposed to sit and who I was supposed to speak with to keep the spirit. The food was good. The Pinchaks did a great job. Just wished it could have been the party and celebration that was planned 8 months ago.
(note to self, never have any concerns for one of their kin, they totally blow it way out of proportion, whew)
Thursday was a long day, a good day, and we were ready for bed.

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