Monday, June 14, 2010

Bride's room

When we arrived at Winter Quarters it was hot and muggy outside. The kids were complaining and wondering what they were going to do while we were inside the air conditioning. I told them to roll down the windows, and watch a movie. If worse came to worse, turn the car on for the air. Shai has had a bad toe infection, and so her walking around the grounds was not her idea of fun. Karrea was clinging to me. I saw pictures were being taken, and I just didn't feel right.
I found friends and family in the chapel area of the temple and that calmed me. A hug from Debbie overwhelmed my spirit. It was so lovely to have my "best friend" back.

The matron showed Adrienne and I the Brides room. There are about 10 chairs in there. I sat across from Adrienne. I tried not to make it too awkward. I let Adrienne speak about anything she felt she needed to. She talked about rushing around, forgetting the marriage license because of all the commotion, and not being able to think. Staying in a motel and not her own home. Trying to get her hair done and make-up. I hope by her talking she was able to put those stressed behind her and focus on what was about to happen. Eternal marriage covenants! That is a huge step. She is so young. I hope she strives to come back and learn more.

I tried not to rush as I was getting Adrienne for her sealing. I tried to teach her how to put herself together. Some pointers like-put your "bag" in your stockings. Always have Kleenex, lip gloss and mints are a good idea. We talked quietly. It was nice. We had a longer wait then usually. Chris's dad had to drive back to the apartment and get it the marriage certificate. One thing you can't do is Rush a Matson. (lol)
I told Adrienne that is why she always sees me shew everyone out of the house and I'm usually the last one out. I get in my Zone, and just FEEL if I have left anything. When people are talking and running around you can't feel.
I know that is true in this world and in the temple. If we are hustling around, or our minds are wondering, wrestling, you just need to get in a ZONE and ask for calm and peace. I don't know if anyone else but me does that, but it has helped me not to forget many important things like shoes, diapers, camera's, and maybe in the temple setting, what I am grateful for, who I am grateful for and Why we go and worship. Who has saved us all.
About a half hour later we got to walk to the sealing room. That room is so beautiful. Everything you see is symbolic of what Heavenly Father wants us to remember. "Two people intertwined reaching for Christ." is one of the things you will see, I will always remember that.
I got to sit by her in the sealing room. When the sealer said some very profound things I grabbed her hand to reassure what he was saying was a great blessing to her.
I was grateful that I was the one who got to be in the brides room, just as we were leaving Adrienne said to me she didn't have a ring to exchange to Chris so I pulled one of my rings off and let her "borrow it". Once again, symbolizing I will be there for her and I will do what God needs me to do. Sometimes that may be just a shoulder to cry on, it may be I lending hand. It may be "tough love" but I pray that God will help me make the Right choice when Adrienne needs me.

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