Monday, June 14, 2010

Ring ceremony

There was no rehearsal so nobody knew what they were doing. I was not included in that either, so I put my two cents in last minute. The Prayer was given by Laurie Jansen, Chris's Dad's baby sitter. She was not dressed appropriately for the Chapel, but what do I know. I have always been taught to at least wear church dress, skirts, dresses, nice dress shirts and ties. Do people not know how to dress for a wedding anymore? Where have all the manners gone? Shirts weren't tucked in, hats were on, jeans were worn, Capri's in bright green colors were worn. I just can't imagine what these non members were thinking. My head is still shaking in disbelief!

Shai and Mikayla did a beautiful job singing. (It was hard on Mikayla because his family had hurt her feelings so I had to pull her out of the bathroom crying uncontrollably, I told her God would help her, just show faith! but we had to get this ceremony started we were already 20 minutes late)
The wedding party went down the isle. I was not supposed to be part of the wedding party but Karrea refused to go by herself so I walked with her. Then they stood in the middle of no where, when I tried to tell Chris he needed to be on the opposite side of the Bishop, he ignored me. It looked awkward.
They weren't in front of the mic. No body could hear them. We had mostly NON members there who traveled to see them get married.
We heard Trace share a few words, the Bishop shared a few words and then Shai sang another song, when she looked at the couple she started to cry, which cracked her voice, but we all knew that would be hard and she did an excellent job.
My dad (Stephen Warnke) said the closing prayer and blessed the couple. Very appropriate. I was told later that the ring ceremony was cheezy. I am just glad it is over.

Wow, my head is still shaking!

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