Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Licking wounds, and new beginnings!

I have sat in the corner like a cat licking my wounds long enough. It was only a couple of days really. I'm very grateful for that. I am mostly grateful that I didn't act like an idiot in front of people and if others wanted to do so, that is their agency. As much as I don't like other peoples actions upon myself, I get a real feeling of how Heavenly Father must feel. (only a slight feeling, but still a feeling of how people choose to act, and I am grateful I didn't REACT)

The carpet cleaning business has really picked up and I enjoy helping people and sharing my talents and wisdom's. I have helped Ron almost every day, and Shai has been helping out Me in the daycare. Justice has been helping Shai, so I believe its a win win situation.

Today was a weird sort of day. I didn't feel like helping today. Crampy? I don't know, i don't usually let that bother me. Today was just YUCK. I got ready anyway. Running late as I had Ron call Cari. OOPS she forgot, she is at bible school. Reschedule please. I call Britney to see if she needed us earlier. Oh, I was going to call you, its not going to work out today, we are not going to be finished moving out, I'll call you and reschedule. VOILA DAY OFF. I think God really does care!

Ron and I got some needed groceries. Got home and it was hot in the house. Air conditioner quit working. Ron thinks its the fan motor. NICE! Then I go to make a bottle and the water isn't working. Probably won't be working any time soon. NICE! So we are doing things PIONEER STYLE. Getting the water from outside and heating it up in the microwave! Life can sure be rough sometimes! haha!

Here we sit, in the stuffy house, and bottled water. Sounds like a great plan to me. I am very blessed that God invented bottled water and I felt impressed to fill those 2 liter pop jugs full of water after the soda was gone. YAY ME! I'm also grateful that our hydrant outside my front window is pumping water. I don't have to use the lake outside my parking lot. YAY!!

I'm glad I'm not still licking hurt wounds, because that would really STINK! Now on to bigger and better challenges? isn't that what life is all about!?

Rest in Peace my Friend HARRY BRISBIN! you saw the glass half full! even if it was whiskey in your younger years! Congrats Christine on your new beginnings being a teenage mama! is to new beginnings!

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