Monday, June 14, 2010

Reception Time

I was awake by 7:00 thoughts running wild. The song that Shai is going to sing to the couple ran through my head over and over again. It was quite annoying. WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE, by Brian Adams.
I got up and packed up the Denali for Chris and Adrienne to just get here and drive off. I had a feeling they would be running late and not have time to load it themselves. I got in my zone to see if I remembered everything.
They got here at 2o after and got the keys and left. Worked for me.
WE have enough cars that we can just pick a car and drive it, the family fits now.
I read a few emails, gave Karrea a bath, tried to relax.
Ron called me asking me what the original floor plan was. I told him I couldn't read it because Adrienne changed her mind, I couldn't read my chicken scratch. i got in my zone and pictured what I had in my mind, then relayed that to Ron. He was helping set up. He was supposed to just let them in the church building and then head over to Valeries house and clean up her water damage. That didn't happen. (He is on his way now, Monday, to clean up the mold now)
Chris and Adrienne were late getting the cake. I'm sure they were grateful for BAD BACK Ron helping them.
Good thing the Dinkels got there early to help them set up and decorate tables. The Lord was good. I got there when I said I would be there. I requested the photographer to be there along with my family to be there at 12:30 for family pictures. We were there but the photographer wasn't. What was new? She said they had to stop and get some food.
I think we got a few good pictures from the photographers I hired.
There will be plenty of pictures of the Pinchaks with the bride and groom and a handful of the Matson and Warnke. (note to self, bride's family needs to hire the photographer)
I know it is HER wedding, but when I hired a photographer and the Pinchak family tells her to get out of the way, I get offended. When they make my photographer cry. I get offended. That is just not right. Where are your manners!?
The ring ceremony was "cheezy" I was told.
The reception was family was having a great time spending time together. Ron's family spent time together. Many of them went up to the Pinchak's only to be snubbed. AWKWARD, but that is between them and God. They want to play that Game, this sin is upon their head.
The food was NOT done, the green beans went into the trash, the rolls were raw, the BBQ was good but expensive, and the taters were not cooked.
If I didn't have CRAPPY LUCK I wouldn't have any luck at all. I told the person cooking for me, keep it under 100.00 (I could have, it would have been BBQ chicken and tater salad and macaroni salad but it would have been home cooked good!) She assured me she would keep it under 100. (for 50 people, that is a feat, I know)
I was busy cleaning up the tables when the caterer came up to me and gave me the total " 500.00 " I thought she was joking. I still don't believe it and I toss and turn at night trying to figure out how they came up with that. She mentioned to me in October when Chris and Adrienne were at stake conference she would cater for the cost of food. Wow, that is a lot of money. I had a bowl of potatoes left over, a smidge of BBQ, about 2 dozen rolls, a few buns and raw onion green beans left over. Only 50 people ate. My head is spinning

I am so grateful it is over! I am done! I told Shai I would give her money just to GO to the temple and then take the money I would have spent on a honeymoon. There was NO celebration of family there (except the Warnke and Matsons) It was awkward and I never want to experience that again.
(I asked Debbie to get the microphone for me. I wondered what was taking so long, I went into the chapel where it usually is, and she was told to put it away, we didn't need it, I said who told you that? Um, one of Chris's aunts. That would be Laurie. I guess she was bossing everyone around. Dennis wanted to use the restroom, she told him to find another one, he went in there anyway! HAHA that is Dennis. You want a bathroom, pick one down the other hall, where no one is inconvenienced. A baby needed a diaper change, they had to do it on the floor. UGH....Now who died and made her boss?!) I could go on and on, I am so disappointed.

I know God can mend a broken heart. I know he will heal this one again. I don't even set my expectations high, I just treat people how I want to be treated. And expect the same.
I have read my scriptures all week ( do every day) and I am quickly reminded of Lehi, his struggles and I relate. I was reminded in the temple of Ether chapter 12. I can do this! I cling to the blessing my father gave me "strength and perseverance". AMEN

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