Monday, June 14, 2010

Beautiful Princess

Adrienne still was in Omaha around 4:00 on Friday. ( many volunteered to be there around 2:00) That stressed me out. I thought of all the people who had planned on being there in the afternoon to help her and Chris set up their reception. (I didn't want to over load their lives. I was grateful they were willing to help, now you change plans?)There was nothing I could do about it. They chose to stay in Omaha. 4 or 5 people called me to see if they needed help. I gave them her phone number she could tell them herself.
So with the stress of hands being tied I sought for family support again. Ron stopped at my mom and dad's place in Grand Island.
Lyle, Dana, and Keagan were there. We had a nice visit. Dana had to leave just as mom and Angie were arriving. I guess dad and Garth were Golfing. Danielle was resting on Dad's bed.
Angie wanted to go Dress shopping. She maybe wanted to visit Aurora to see Polly and go dress shopping there. We gathered in the Denali and headed to Bridal Collections there in Grand Island. Angie just felt pulled there. We were there almost 2 hours. Enjoying each other's company, oooo, aaaaa, over the dress that Danielle picked out. She got a veil and jewelry and tiara, etc. I am so excited for her. They decided on alterations, and discounts and Deb said we were a wonderful group and was so excited for Danielle.
Danielle was a princess. She acted like a Princess, she looked like a princess and I believe Bill will cry like a baby when Princess Danielle graces her presence in his! He sounds like a gentlemen with manners and comes from a home that has manners and Angie and His mom get along wonderfully! I'm so excited. She let Shai help her pick out a few things and even take pictures. it was very healing for both of us. We were not allowed to do that for Adrienne.
Thank you Danielle and Angie for letting us be a part of the most wonderful time of your lives. One less thing to stress over Angie! You did a great job! This little Tom Boy grew up into a gracious young princess. Not once were tempers flared. It was so peaceful and loving! BEAUTIFUL!! (Danielle is the youngest of with 5 brothers.)

Angie was the aunt who took me in when I found myself pregnant at the age of 17. Her and Garth took me in, and loved me. Let me eat their groceries, let me baby sit their children. Let me find new friends. Let me use their station wagon! (LOL) Now they let me in on their big news and big day! I am Grateful!

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