Monday, June 14, 2010

Friday DAY

I woke up around 7:30 the day after the sealing and my heart was heavy, my stomach was sick and the thought came to me, What did I just do? (no I didn't wet the bed)
I just gave my daughter away. I know deep inside she will move far far away. I am okay with that (remind me later I said this). Ron is sad because IF grand children come along he wants to be there.
I woke Justice up and we headed to breakfast, my thoughts were getting the best of me and how better to settle that? go and eat 2 waffles, a yogurt, a bagel and drink a stiff drink of Apple Juice. Shai showed up a few minutes later. Ron and Karrea stayed in bed. I brought back a bagel for Karrea and two boiled eggs and Apple juice. Was she happy with that? NO, I should have brought more juice. OH NO, NOT ANOTHER ADRIENNE!!!
Ron was slow about getting ready, He needed to Run around for two hours being ERRAND boy for Trace Pinchak. We sat in the room and waited. While I was waiting I was getting texts from a friend who lives in Omaha. My heart sank when I got a text saying she was just in a car accident. I was hoping it wasn't because we were texting back and forth. Prayers went up for her immediately. I have never been in a major accident. Plenty of fender benders (usually backing into something, like a federal mail box, or taco johns cement post, or the bread store brick wall).
What a scary thing to experience. I have heard that when Air bags explode they are really painful. Sometimes it would be better if we didn't have them. They cause black eyes, bruises on your cheeks, and dust that comes out of them can cause short term blindness.
Don't you feel like life is like that too. How Ironic. We never know what Life is going to throw at us. Little bumps here and there? Or Explosions here or there. There are those that we cause ourselves and those that others cause on us. Are the lessons the same? Always look up! Always know where to find the solutions. UP. UP. UP! Whether it's Police Authority in a crash, or Priesthood authority, always look up!
We went over to the Adrienne's apartment to pick up the rest of Karrea's things. I reminded Adrienne that people were going to be at the church to help her set up at 2:00. She was not going to make it. She still needed an oil change. She said that it should be okay, You have the table plan.
My voice raised a smidge, as it does when someone clearly doesn't HEAR me. I said 'what part of I'M NOT HELPING do you not understand?' 'Did Christopher NOT say to me, "Adrienne and I will do the reception You just show up and be a hoot! OKAY?" Christopher nodded and said, Ya I did say that. We left. I got in trouble for "starting something, Adrienne didn't ask me help with the reception" I said, were you not listening? So for 15 minutes tensions were high in the Denali. I took a deep breath. I am sure the other children in the car were praying for CALM.
I texted Adrienne to see what the ring ceremony plan was, she assured me that it was all taken care of. I said I just wanted to know who all was involved. She assured me that they knew who they were. I told her she was being rude in not letting my family be involved and that this was NOT a PINCHAK wedding, this was a Matson, Warnke wedding too. Shai was singing. That was already established. She gave in and said Ron could give closing prayer. Which he did NOT want to do. The spirit told me my dad (Stephen Warnke) should have the honors.

Stress built up again. I was sick to my stomach at the rudeness once again. Was this ever going to end? I have three other children. Please Shanon Focus. After hanging out with my family We got to Country Pride in Alda and I was so sick I didn't want to eat. I didn't want to spoil it for the kids. I wanted Ron to just take me home, but I sucked it up.
We had a good time. Good conversation and Good food. That is always a plus.
WE got home around 9:30. We tried to get the house ready for the new day.

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