Saturday, June 5, 2010

Counting down the days

One week until the queen of the Matson village is married. Adrienne has had her own apartment for about two weeks. We visited last weekend and it has great potential. I'm a little nervous for her. Its a scary hallway/stairway. The smell gets to me a bit, but Home is where the Heart is right?

The reason I call Adrienne the queen is 1. She was bossy 2. She was a great cook in the kitchen but hated people watching her or even learning "her skills". 3. It was her way of no way. 4. Egg shells made great sound effects, as you walked on them. I thought the mom had that effect, but most of it was from Queen A. 5. "She knows all". 6. She always had to put her two cents in even if you didn't need her "money"

In fact I found some recipes she "invented" and when she found I copied them, she hid them. Now, I found them, they were easy to find, but it still stung. I'm supposed to be the Queen of the castle. I FINALLY TOOK MY REIGN about 2 weeks ago and I will have it til I die now.

We realized Adrienne was the queen at the age of 2. The day she turned two was the day she decided that what ever the "real queen" said, didn't matter. She had her own mind, and she was going to do things HER WAY.

I am okay with that. It was rough in the home, most times after the age of 14. Discipline after that was rough, because there was always a fight back. I never even considered fighting back when my parents felt they needed to "slap" some sense into me. I didn't like it, but never ONCE would have raised my hand.

She is Queen of her own village now, and this Thursday that will be the Pinchak Village.

I am proud of her. She has made some good moves and not so good moves. I mean, who doesn't. As long as you live and learn and love we are all on the right path to BECOMING.

I hope she is not like the "RED Queen" in Alice in Wonderland. "OFF WITH HER HEAD"

I wish her the best. It was hard being second in command, but I guess I should be proud that I was a good enough mom to step back and let her spread her wings in the security of her own home.
She learned to cook, sew, scrapbook, clean, raise babies, drive, love, live, laugh, cry, scream, cut, bleed, sing, dance, spaz out, eat, drink, swim, jump, put make up on, do her hair, sing in the shower, and just FLY!

You will be missed Adrienne, especially from Karrea but we all wish you well, and hope that your journey you are about to embark on is pleasant, loving, forgiving, blessed, happy, glorious, bright, and shiny. If you ever need a safe place to fall asleep, you are welcome here!

Love you! FOREVER!!

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