Thursday, May 27, 2010


That is the question. It has played on my mind and soul lately.
While I was getting ready for the day, make-up, blow drying my hair upside down, and just basking in the steam, I reflected on what my friend Charlotte said to me yesterday. I mentioned to her that I was coming across in my writings as a drama queen (trust me, I don't go looking for it, it seems to follow me!) she said I wasn't, I was informative. hmmmm. Think think think.

I also thought to myself. So what the heck are scriptures for?
Why did Pres. Kimball basically command us to keep journals IF we weren't supposed to.
It seems as if it bothers people if you write too much.

About ten years I found an email group called HomeHeartstrings. They used to be called Egroups with Yahoo. Well, the owner was ready to leave the email group and asked if someone would take over. Myself and Carol volunteered. I ended up with the group. So for 10 years I have had a group of close knit friends who get together and laugh and joke and share a lot of stories along with household tips.

That wasn't what the group was invented for, it was strictly for TIPS on cleaning, and recipes, etc. I came along and shared Heartfelt stories, and letters and concerns. I guess that turned the Homeheartstrings world into a whirl. Over 300 members diminished to just under 100. I wouldn't trade those ladies for the world! We have seen each other grow up. Cry, laugh, have babies, send children on missions, go to college and graduate ourselves. I feel it a HUGE blessing to have these ladies in my corner of heaven!

For awhile I was casted aside because of the take I took on Homeheartstrings, I guess people were bashing me, talking behind my back, etc. It hurt for awhile. I thought I was used to it, but it comes up once in awhile and stings again. This is who I am. This is who I am supposed to be.

I found this quote this sums it up, how I feel.

"The need to write comes from the need to make sense of one's life and discovery one's usefulness" John Cheever

What a great blessing it is to know that I am not alone. That my thinking is not WAY OUT THERE, I am not perfect, I have never professed to be perfect or even come across as such. I am who I am, learning and growing and trying to BECOME who my Father in Heaven needs me to be. This life is a spiritual life. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. If someone can't see that. That is not my problem. Take it up with Heavenly Father.

Writing is how I become. I am grateful for it. My father used to make fun of the way I wrote and spelled, he was right, which only made me want to become better at it and prove him wrong, haha! Love ya DAD


Elaine Edwards said...

So what if you ARE a drama queen? It's your blog! If they don't like it, they don't have to read it. Right? I forget that other people read my blog sometimes. I just ramble on and on about my life. That's what journals are for. I for one, enjoy your posts.but then again, you and I are alike in many ways!

shayster said...

I really really want to live my life like this. I am such a people pleaser. when am I going to stop? LOL! Thanks Elaine

Gramee said...

you can be like me and cut people completely out of you life when the going gets tough.

i left heartstrings and the foyer..
even fish.
no one looked for me.
no one cared..

3 strikes

i have unfriended everyone.

shayster said...

I tried to talk to you on FB and your blog, but no comments were allowed! That really sucks big time. I value all that you share!
sadness starts inside of my soul today!

Anonymous said...
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