Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Very Aware

A few things transpired last week, to say the least. It wasn't a very good week, if you look at the facts, but if you look at my attitude during the "waterfall" I did pretty good.

I had some concerns about my FSIL and Adrienne. I took those concerns to FSIL father, and well, lets just say, I was told it was a creation in my mind! That didn't set with me very well. Some people came forth and "testified" of my truths, (they were the ones giving me the truths, and therefore brought up my concerns) so the whole story is placed before Priesthood holders, parents, and most of All Heavenly Father.

What a huge blessing that is.

Concerns are smoothed out. I am grateful for that too. All night, even tho things were smoothed out, I tossed and turned. I finally sat up and said, "What is it?" The thought came to me. NOW IT IS MADE AWARE. Wow. I have the motto in my mind and I have said it out loud several times......most people change because they are made aware there is need for change, God knows there is a need for change, and Most people Do What Is Expected. Now, there a few who don't, and I think they fall under the category of "stiff necked, prideful, hard hearted". Most of the people I know are more teachable. I know I am. If you think I'm annoying, tell me, I'll try and fix the annoyance if God agrees with YOUR opinion.

I want to be made aware! I have also found that some people would rather be in the dark, in their perfect, unscathed world of IGNORANCE.

I know what I did with my concerns was Proper, and in order, and we all received the blessings of "following the rules". I didn't make people happy with me, but God is who I answer to anyway! IF they don't like it. Take it up with HIM.

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