Monday, May 3, 2010

Wednesday was a DAWG EAT DAWG day

Wednesday I was making homemade runza's. It was a great morning and felt like being productive. I was feeling it was going to be a great day. I had a lot of energy, the sun was shining and the kids were outside enjoying a NOT SO WINDY day.

I heard the neighbor CRAZY yelling at Josie, one of my daycare kids. I stomped over to the back door and opened it up and immediately started yelling at her. DO NOT YELL AT MY KIDS. They were putting their fingers in the fence. NO THEY WERE NOT. I AM TIRED OF YOU SCARING THESE KIDS. THEY LOVE THAT PUPPY ANGEL, AND ALL YOU ARE DOING IS SCARING THEM INTO NOT LIKING PUPPIES. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. Why are you yelling at me? HOW DO YOU LIKE IT. THESE ARE FOUR YEAR OLDS. YOU NEED TO PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE. Kids, don't listen to that MEAN OLD CRABBY LADY.

I escorted them to the back yard. She tried to say something I told her DON'T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN. YOU ARE JUST A CRABBY OLD LADY.

I slammed the door. Later in the afternoon when the kids got off the bus (JD and Shai) we were by the back door and Karrea was talking to the neighbor kids across the back yard. The little kids gave her some smiley faces and tattoo's I explained to her that Jesus didn't want us marking up our bodies with Tattoo's and body piercings, and boys shouldn't have earrings.

I was telling Shai our Adventure earlier that afternoon. Well, Crabby paddy's son was standing there.

Next thing I know he is knocking on my front door. I was polite and answered the door, maybe he needed an egg or sugar, etc.

"If you are going to come over and be a ROYAL *ITCH To my mom.....

He had all kinds of words flinging at me. His mom was outside on her deck. I asked her, did I call you a *itch. She said no. I couldn't calm down. I was so upset, I was yelling in a voice I hadn't heard for a long time. I kept trying to tell myself......Shay. calm down, he's not worth it, breath, calm down. No matter what I couldn't not calm down. I w as saying to Jack.....what gives you the right to come over to someones house and disrespect them like that. I have never started anything. The reason I yelled at your mom is because she was yelling at my kids and I was teaching her its not right to Scare little kids by yelling at them like that. We have had nothing but problems from them.

The first week they moved here Justice was riding his bike around the trailer court (he was 8). Their rabid dog started chasing him on the inside of his fence, well Jack came out of the yard, and shoved Justice off of his bike and said QUIT ANTAGONIZING MY DOG. MY MOM JUST HAD SURGERY AND SHE IS TRYING TO SLEEP. Justice came running in my house, Jack was stepping foot in my house.........YOU NEED TO TELL YOUR SON TO QUIT ANTAGONIZING MY DOG. I asked Justice what the problem was....told Jack to go back home and keep his hands off my son.

A few weeks pass. Tracy, his mom comes out and says there are problems on the bus. My kids are calling Jack dirty names. I politely said that my kids don't talk like that but I would discuss it with them. I talked it over with my kids. They shared the story that Jack was starting fights on the bus. My kids never called him dirty names. I am not a real naive mom. I like to talk it over with my kids before I assume the worst or the best of my kids, thinking they are perfect, etc. I don't have a problem with nipping it in the bud!

Well, Tracy started an argument again about the bus. I told her it wasn't my kids. She assured me it was. She had a tape recorder and that I just better watch my children. I said, let me hear the recorder. Jack then told his mom to drop it, it was no big deal. She brought over chocolate cookies after that and apologized. Apology accepted.

Scratch, their mutt dog was just a very loud, obnoxious dog. Taught every dog they had to be the same way. You would see the 2 and 3 year old just shrink when they would let them out of the house and they would come over to the fence like they had rabbi es. It was quite frightening. I just told the kids to be nice, and just stay away from the fence. The older Ace got the worse he got. Hes a Boston terrier. Scratch I guess was getting sick with cancer so he was calming down, their other dog was a spaz too, but I guess it died sometime last year, Scratch died about a month ago. Ace is going strong, and they have a little white dog now that is just trying to yelp. Heaven help us!

Last summer, fall the kids enjoyed playing outside, they were getting older and didn't need me out there as much. I would hear Tracy yelling at the kids.....don't touch the fence. Get away from the fence. There were times when I was going out the back door minding my own business and these 3 dogs would come charging over and scare the crud out of me. I went and got my plant sprayer. After a few squirts of water scratch and tiny would calm down, Ace kept going. One day the super soaker was outside, Shai and Justice were playing with it. It was a crazy fun afternoon. The dogs were let out and scared Ron and the little kids so Ron picked up the super soaker and shot the dogs. Kaleb threw sand at the dog.

I scolded them both. Kaleb had time out and was told to be kind to the dogs even though they were naughty dogs. And you can't startle dogs either, they will bite. The next day Tracy came over madder than a mad hatter. Your kids are getting my dog wet. I said....they are not. It was me and Ron. Ron had the super soaker. He is so scared of you he had to lie! I assured her that the kids would no longer be throwing sand at the dog, and if they did, let me know. That Saturday we had Kaleb with us over at cruise night. We watched all the hot rods on main street. Well, Orin has a little yip yip dog. Kaleb later that night, while I was off driving our hot rod, lunged towards Orins dog and Kaleb got nipped. He learned. WE taught him before, he had to learn the hard way though.

Tracy slowly put tarps on MY fence. I didn't say anything. She feared that Ace would bite. I threatened that if he did he would be dead. I was tired of her yelling at the kids. At least 10 times a month. It was getting on my last nerve. By this spring she had 3 long tarps on my fence. One day I heard something that sounded like thunder but from Shai's room. I looked out the window and saw my fence 2 feet off the ground. The wind was blowing it up.

The next morning I came to get Shai for Seminary and she was still asleep. What the heck. The tarps kept her up all night flapping like thunder. After I took Shai to Seminary I saw Tracy outside and politely told what was going on with the Tarps and kindly asked her to remove them.

I got home from errands and I get this note saying I have to sign a waiver before they will remove tarps from MY FENCE. She didn't realize it was my fence. I was being NICE. Helping her out, but it wasn't helping at all, the dogs still were trying to jump over my fence and were still going around the tarp to startle the kids. I talked with DHHS about the "waiver" she laughed, she knew the crazy lady I was talking about. She told me to call the Sheriff. I did. He laughed, he knew about the crazy lady. He said I didn't have to sign a thing and I could take those tarps off myself.

Ron took his wire cutters and cut them down. Folded them nicely and put them over her fence. Oh My. Did we get the KISS OF DEATH when she saw those down and I didn't sign anything. She started a fight. I talked Calmly....until she kept going on and on about how Ron had NO BUSINESS TOUCHING HER STUFF. Hello lady, I didn't get mad when you touched my fence and it is busted now. Or your son braking it by jumping over to fetch a ball he threw in my yard. Or the poop in my yard when Jack thought it would be funny to bring the dog over.

I told her to grow up. I walked off. And then the whole thing starts again last Wednesday.

Thursday I get a note from Ron that Jack handed him. I apologize, I was having a bad day.

Wow, that was nice. My opinion is if you have the guts to yell in some one's FACE you should have the courteous to say Sorry to their FACE. Do I forgive him. Ya, he's only "White, Male and 18" according to his mom. Its not his fault she didn't raise him with manners.

Saturday Hugh our 80 year old military neighbor came over. He wanted to know what that barking was all about. He peeked around and saw their dumb dogs. We were trying to talk about his mower. I told him about the confrontation Jack had over on my porch. He said, DON'T TAKE THAT SHANON....YOU CALL THE POLICE NEXT TIME. THAT IS HARASSMENT. THAT LOONY OLD FAMILY. Nothing but problems with them. He had to leave, just as I was going to tell him about the apology note.

Ron came in the house and said, Do you realize Tracy was standing outside? I said...OOPS. Hey I told her this to her face. Hugh asked, I told.

Later that day Justice and I went to town to open up the apartment that I have for rent and Tracy came over to the fence yelling at me again. I had no clue what she was saying over my 4000 vortex engine. something about I need to tell the whole story and I needed to tell about the apology letter Jack wrote. I just put it in reverse and left making the crazy gesture. OH MY HECK..........

I just can't win for nothing!!!


Elaine Edwards said...
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Elaine Edwards said...

You know, sometimes momma bear just needs to come out and take care of her cubs. The neighbors can deal with it....or they can move :)

shayster said...

Good point Elaine. You know what its like when people pick on your sucks!

Hugh came over and told me I had a right to be upset, that lady is crazy! Oh, and I shot the dog with my super soaker. I'm expecting the police any minute! haha