Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can I order a Grinch Heart?

I can't stand that I am so tender hearted. It seems as if I'm getting my ONE feeling hurt so much lately. I can't stand it.

I love that I cry when my kids bare their heartfelt testimony on mothers day of how funny I am. That I sacrafice so much for them. They ask me to do something and I do it. Their friends call me mom number 2, or Super MOM.

Yet, there is someone always to take their foot and swipe it and I fall to the ground. Or I get punched in the back and I can't catch my breath!

I wished there was a magic box that would tell me what I'm supposed to learn from the pushes, and the punches and the trips.

I prayed about going to Grand Junction with Chris and Adrienne. The thought of hanging out with Trish, and GG, and Auntie J and Auntie Laurie got me over giddy!

I said to Adrienne, I would love to go with you guys, but I can't leave until 4:00 (Shai doesn't get off the bus). Chris said he's leaving at 2:00.

OUCH! FLAG!!! They don't want you to go.

I called Chris. He said I could go but I couldn't hang out with them. They are going to do what they are going to do and I cannot tag along. I said, who says I want to tag along. I'm okay with it as long as you don't leave me in Denver. Haha.

And there is a stipulation. If you are annoying I get to tell you you are being annoying, is that okay?

I said.........Well, I guess I won't go, because I don't want to be the dead aunt on the top of the station wagon. (national lampoons vacation with chevy chase)

I tried really hard to laugh it off. The more I thought about it (and still do) tears just stream down my face!

I texted him and her to ask WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MAKE YOU SAY THAT? I'm puzzled. I'm confused. But I guess that is just me. Put it on the list of ANNOYING!

I really wished I had the heart of a grinch. Small and no one could TOUCH IT!


Ladysam said...

you are much like me. what other people have to say to me is important, but I listen too closely sometimes. my heart bruises easy. i have a view of you as being a very strong, confident woman. :OP

Elaine Edwards said...

Seriously, blow his comments off. You should hear some of the stuff he's said to me when he felt he was "just being honest". He has no manners but he loves you.

shayster said...

My confidence only comes from Heavenly Father. He told me several times I am who I am. But when people around you try to make you small like they are, it starts to wear on a person. Elaine, I don't see the Love. I don't feel the spirit there either. Its really hard!

Thank you ladies

Elaine Edwards said...

Sent you an email. Chin up!

shayster said...

Thanks Elaine, sent you one back, I'm sure your opinion of me has changed, haha!

Elaine Edwards said...

Come to Omaha tomorrow! Lets go yardsaling!

shayster said...

Elaine, would love to but may be sitting in county tomorrow! I shot my neighbor! UGH