Monday, May 17, 2010

Eternally Grateful!!

Between FSIL and the neighbor lady bullying me, I could feel the water reaching my nostrils in the sea of despair. This is NOT who I like to be. I like laughing and making jokes and using my water gun in fun ways, not defensive ways. LOL.

I got up on Saturday morning and felt I needed to get to Just For Ladies. Lately I have been riding the bike and reading my book written by S. Michael Wilcox on teaching our children from the scriptures. Its been very insightful and for the most part I'm on the right track. I have only felt guilty a few times in my parenting, those are the times I feel the Lord guiding me to repentance.

I had been feeling guilty and bogged down because I hadn't been going to the gym to work out. I don't go to lose weight, that is a given, I have gained weight since FSIL came into our lives. What is up with that!? I'll never know, I suppose.

As I was reading on the bike, it was exactly the place I needed to read. It was the answer to my prayers I had prayed for Friday night. What a blessing to have the answers there in black and white. I searched for the scriptures Friday night, but it talked about the evils of the world and how we would be blinded, didn't give me the answers on how to govern those evil things. LOL

The chapter I was on is SAY NO TO YOUR CHILDREN. Wilcox gave a few examples of those who gave into their kids whims and the consequences. Such as Eli knowing his sons were doing evil things in the temple and not standing up to them. Etc. How the People of Jared wanted a King even though it wasn't in their best interest. Jared gave in.....they later reaped those consequences.

He gave us 4 steps to follow when saying no to our children. You need to read the book in order to know. (the book is in the car and I don't know if he would appreciate me sharing them, hah)

I need to do the last one.....I need to let Adrienne know that we love her, and that she is always welcome in our home. (regardless of her decisions, unless it would endanger us in the home).

Its hard for me to do tough love, but that is the way of the Lord sometimes.

I saw my VT drive up to the parking lot. I composed myself. She was in her car for quite sometime. It was my cue to sneak out. I was NOT going to burden her. She has enough on her plate. I went to the restroom. Walked out got my book and she peeked over at me and waved! Busted. I went to talk with her. I'm blessed because of her. She is so wise and understanding. She had great advice for me. I let her read this book a few months ago. (She was asked to give a talk on the blessings of motherhood.)

I walked away feeling a little lighter. I got in my car and cried.........what do I do Father? Get a fathers Blessing. Tears streamed down my face. I haven't had a fathers blessing in about 20 years or so. I got home. Ron saw the tear stained face. NOW WHAT? I told him. I showered and we ventured off to Grand Island. Ron, Karrea and I did a few errands and then I called my dad. He said we were welcome to come over. Lyle, my step brother was there. It was good to see him.

We talked for a few hours, validated some feelings. Then it was time for my blessing. Ron anointed, Dad blessed. It was sweet and simple. Everything will be fine, I will have the strength and perseverance to get through the next few months. WHEW! What a great blessing it is to have the priesthood authority and power on the earth again!

It was a good night. (until we went to subway at 9:30 pm, I ate too much, tummy ache)

Sunday was bright and cheery (spiritual wise). Maggie did perfect, Cyndie perfect and Bro. Bradford did perfect in their talks. Sunday school was venting to Pam and Deb. RS was interrupted by Karrea having an ouchie and not being able to sit down.

We got home, had a quick fun lunch, then we started organizing our DVDs. We put them in a leather binder. We have about 200 to go, we did about 400. I drove Shai around with her friend Sydney to some graduation parties, Justice and I talked and laughed. WE had a great 3 hours.

It was rainy outside, but it was cheery and sunny on the inside! I am eternally grateful for days, weekends, weeks, months, years like that!

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