Saturday, May 15, 2010

Can we just say stressed out!

I really need a new life! This one is taking over. I don't even recognize myself when I look in the mirror. I have gained so much weight since Adrienne "fell in love" and my face is full of puss pockets, and my hair is wirey from gray!

I can't stand it! I just want to scream. Between Chris's immature text that made me flip him the pinky finger today, to the neighbor lady badgering the kids AGAIN. I lost it!

I shot my neighbor! This will probably be my last entry. I have been on the run since 8 o'clock tonight.

I heard the dogs barking and scaring the kids tonight. I got my super soaker out and shot at the shed. Ace ran into the water stream. The screaming Boston terrier mutt. Here comes old snooty face.
"did your little girl get my dog wet?"
'No, I did'
I'm going to sue you for damages.
I said 'with what........water? Give me a break. I thought I asked you not to talk to us again. '
"well, you are getting my dog wet."
'Shooting the water gun works doesn't it? he is not over here barking, if it works I'm going to use it! its not hurting anything.'
"you are damaging MY property!" first of all you are a renter! you don't own anything!
'are you serious? I'm tired of you yelling at us.'
"I'm not yelling"
' you were yelling at me last Saturday about jack.....'
'if jack has the balls to call me dirty names at my face, Hugh says he should have the balls to apologize to my face'
"you told jack not to talk to you again"
'i told you not to talk to me again too, but here you are. Maybe jack could have handed Ron a note saying, I'd like to apologize in person if that's okay....not some sissy apology'
She threatens to call the cops, for damages, brings up the damages on the fence.

I said, am I suing you for damages on the fence? NO.......are you serious lady!? Do you hear yourself and how stupid you sound? YOU ARE A FREAK!

"well you are a"
I went and got my gun......shot her in the chest! she came charging at me so I shot her in the face. She came at me full blast yelling profanities! I shot her again ,and again and again. You would think she would have turned and walked away......OH MY HECK....are you serious? I just kept pumping that gun! she had snot running out her nose, and fumes out her ears!

kids turned to me and said......boy you taught her a lesson! my daycare kids and karrea. even they know she is evil!

I am tired of being bullied! what the heck is UP with people! Just leave me the heck alone! I don't go looking for drama! REALLY???!!!!

I went to the bathroom, and then got the family in the truck and headed down the road. Just as the sheriff was driving up to their home. I had to go and get Justice at his friends house and Shai was at the movie theaters.

Ron dropped me off at the theater, waiting for Shai, and he took the 3 kids home. Then came back into town and picked us up and we went to DQ for ice cream with the Dinkel kids. had a blast! my last free night I'm sure! Who better to spend it with.

We were heading home when I saw state patrol plates. Told Ron, there's a cop. sure enough this cop pulls a uey! Its 10:30 at night. How in the HECK! Ron drives by our house just tootling along! about 5 miles down the road the lights go on, the car behind us pulls over. State P still coming. Ron pulls over. The officer comes over........Ron is crapping himself! I'm pretty calm. Prison food can't be that bad!

"just pulled you over because you were hugging the shoulder"

Are you serious????? there was a skunk in the middle of the road! OH MY HECK. Do we have bully targets on our backs!!!!

"sir, you need to come and sit in my patrol car"

really??? What the heck?

Gives Ron a warning! Ron hasn't drank in 18 years! What a night!

got the lights on video if anyone wants to see it!? Maybe tomorrow they will get me in cuffs or a straight jacket!

anyone who says life isn't interesting isn't living their life right? or wrong? haven't quite figured it out!

Calgon take me away! (or deputy Dooley)


Elaine Edwards said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!!Oh my gosh! I am dying over here reading your post! You shot your neighbor with a super soaker? That is fantastic! hahahaha

shayster said...

I can't believe I did that. It is a matter of mamma bear coming out. I know some women don't understand that, but I'm feeling you know what I mean! haha
Thank you for helping Adrienne these next few weeks. It will be good for all of us. I HOPE! LOL all is well!

Elaine Edwards said...

I didn't have a choice with Adrienne staying here. Chris informed me that he's bringing her back with him. I'm telling ya' when they leave, I hope I never see him again.

I'm glad you guys made up though

shayster said...

You have earned your wings girlfriend!!!