Sunday, April 11, 2010

White outs and Semi Trucks

Friday morning I woke up to a light. Not the Jesus Light, the Kitchen light. I looked at the clock, it was a quarter til 5:00 AM. We are supposed to have the Denali packed and ready to go. I looked at my Ipod for the Alarm, I had set it for 4:30 PM, and yes, that went off at the hotel later that day. UGH

I rushed around. Praying that I wouldn't forget anything, getting in the ZONE. You mom's know what ZONE I'm talking about. You don't want to hear things, you just peace and quiet so you can concentrate on the things you need to do. Too many people were in my zone, I did end up missing a few things, but that's okay.

I grabbed my dark sunglasses 5 seconds before heading out the door, I had two pair on the counter, I knew my Pink ones were in the Denali already. I had taken them out the night before. There were some people who advised Kelci NOT to go because of the weather. This upset her. I prayed about it Thursday with her. I asked her if She wanted to Take the Pontiac to save gas, or Take the Denali that was All Wheel Drive. She talked it over with Tony, and they agreed Safety first. I asked Adrienne, she said it would be a good idea if we could get someone else to split the cost. I went outside and asked Justice how much money he had. "200.00, Why" I said do you want to spend 120.00 to go to Salt Lake City? He lit up! He was so excited. I was excited for him. I would've loved to have taken Shai, but I knew she was out of cash, and I didn't have enough, and someone needed to help dad with the children. Especially Madi. (it takes a few weeks of us getting used to having babies in the house again)

We hopped in the Denali and headed for the "hills". The trip to Salt Lake seemed to go quickly. We hit a white out in Wyoming, Not at Evanston (the rumor was the road was closed there). We hit it way before. I kept getting the impression to follow this specific trucker, but he was hauling fast. I couldn't believe he could go so fast, at least 65 or 70. I wondered how he could see. There was a horse trailer flipped on its side with kids running on the road, It must have just happened 15 minutes earlier. We saw another Semi JACK KNIFE.....yet this trucker was going so fast. I lost him for about 5 minutes, all I could see what the grey stripes he was leaving in the fast lane. I followed the best I could.

Adrienne remembered an email she received from Chris's aunt Jacquie about wearing your dark sunglasses in a downpour of Rain. Turn off the windshield wipers and just watch the road. She handed me my sunglasses and asked me if this would work in the White OUT. I tried them. It was like NIGHT and DAY. I felt a calm come over me. I wasn't blinded by WHITE anymore. The snow turned Tan, and the Road turned Tan, and the Semi was more visible to me. I continued to follow the semi, if he got in a particular lane, I followed, if he slowed down, I did the same. I hoped that I wouldn't annoy him by following so close but He Truly SAVED me! and the 4 other passengers in the Denali.

I had Kelci write a note on a piece of paper to the Trucker. When the pathway was clear I had Adrienne put the paper up to her window, the Semi driver was talking on the phone even! The note said....



I felt so blessed!!! To be guided. I had to pull over later just to loosen my grip on the steering wheel. White knuckles All the way!

Do you see how this can be a life lesson? Follow your own true Guide. Do what you are asked to do. Follow the spirit in all that you do and say. Jesus Christ Will never lead you astray.

I never once felt the Denali Waiver. I try to believe that I don't waiver in my testimony too. I have all wheels on the ground and follow the right path. It does bring you safety and Peace

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