Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This morning I woke up to the aroma of a diaper land fill. I usually put diapers in a walmart sack and put them in the trash can, but I'm thinking someone didn't follow protocol like they should have (ron?).

Ron thought he woke up to a bunch of teenage boys that had foot fungus! NOPE. Its the trash can. He was too lazy to take it out, and I'm not dung filling it! so It stays until maybe the babies leave and Justice can put on his gas mask and take it far far away!

Life with 5 poopy babies is crazy. Its been a couple of weeks now so I'm getting into a routine. I'm so glad to see that they are happier here. I'm happier too. I don't stress when little miss Madi Sue decides she is having major VOICE lessons between the hours of 3-3:30. Does she know I should charge 20.00 per half hour, that is what Shai's teacher charges me. I just let her "sing" and then she passes out.

Little Talon, wow, if that boy is not pooping, he is eating or crying. NOT much sleeping for this boy with GERD.

Can you tell me what they put in baby formula because man, its STINKS! It makes me want to throw up all the time. If my kids had a stinky the next day its because I partook of some delicious Chinese buffet, or maybe even a little brocolli and chicken. What is their excuse? P.U.!

I am trying not to get all depressed. I know I'm more than a poopy diaper changing machine and a booger picker upper from a masked flinger. I even had to give a little guy (little is not the word, he is 1 years old and almost 40 pounds) He had "mus-tird" all over the place. Bless Karrea's heart, she got the carpet cleaner out for me.

I am so looking forward to Friday! Good luck while I'm gone RON! bwhaaahaaaahaaa

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Elaine Edwards said...

I feel for you! I remember having four in diapers at once. Ugh...I'd put diapers in plastic bags and put them in the garage. There's no way around a poopy diaper smell. I hate to say it, but enjoy it because some day you'll be an empty nester and no more babies around :)

How was Salt Lake City? I'm so jealous you got to hear the prophet live. What a fun trip. Love to Adrienne. I miss her already!