Sunday, April 11, 2010

McDonalds Smoothies!

I filled up the Denali in Cheyenne after the white out. Got to stretch a little, take a potty break. When we left Nebraska it was in the 50's. In Cheyenne it was in the 30's and it was snowing a bit. What a difference a few hours makes on the road. Some of the passengers were in shorts, I didn't feel sorry for them tho. HAHA

We got to Salt Lake around 4:15. I am so grateful for GPS's I wouldn't have gone on this trip if I didn't have one. My navigator quit on me a couple of times, (Adrienne because she would get a phone call) That was frustrating, so someone else would have to navigate for me. That is the story of my life. Seems like when I need her the most, she cancels out on me! (Except for my birthday this year, she came through on that! woot woot)

We got changed and headed to take Kelci and Tony to Tony's mission reunion in Sandy. Tony served in the South Africa mission a few years ago. Justice, Adrienne and I drove around looking for a mall or Walmart. We found a Party Place. We spent about an hour or so looking around and talking to the sales clerk about table ideas, etc. I ended up spending 150.00 on the reception Toasting glasses, pen, guest book, garter, knife and serving set.

After the party place we drove around to find something to eat. We ended up at the Children's Play Place in McDonalds. I texted Elder Matt Hansen to see if he was still going to meet up with us. He was in Alpine eating supper with his girlfriends family. We got to McDonalds around 8:00. Tony's shindig wasn't over until 9:30 pm

Around 9 Matt texted me and said he would be there in a minute. Um, he got there around 9:39. I felt terrible that I hadn't picked up Tony and Kelci. They found someone who would give them a ride to where we were.

In that time between 8:00 and 9:30 a lot had happened. All Adrienne had eaten that day was a subway sandwich. She was starting to get a head cold, or allergies. I asked her if she wanted something to eat but she gave me excuses she didn't like spending her money on food. I offered, she just wanted a berry smoothie. Justice and I got a mcDouble. We knew we needed the protein. Justice had asked if he could taste her smoothie, she took the lid and straw out and just tossed it quickly to him, but it landed on the floor. Got pink on his shoelaces and tennis shoes. He quickly picked it up and put it back on the cup, thanking his sister for the taste! Haha!

I gave just a 10.00 bill to get us each a smoothie, Strawberry banana and a mixed berry. They looked really refreshing. The man the counter handed JD the 5.00 bill, but didn't hand him the .71. That puzzled Justice so he stood there waiting for his change. A lady got behind the counter, kind of shushed Justice out of the way to help the Mexican customer behind him. The lady handed the man a Bill, and then the man got his change from the "change cup" on the counter. Justice put two and two together and the Mexican man was pleased at his extra change.

Justice brought the smoothies over and we were talking about his "lesson learned" Always look for a change cup if the "worker" doesn't hand you coins, haha.

Adrienne was going to town on her fingernails. I told her if she could see herself in the mirror, she would be really embarrassed. Justice suggested she chew on something else so she found her straw from her smoothie. Justice was laughing so hard neither one of us could figure out what he was saying for about 20 seconds. Finally he calmed down enough to spit out what his thoughts were.......'ISN'T THAT THE STRAW THAT FELL ON THE FLOOR?"

Adrienne dug in the "trash" bag on the table. She grabbed a napkin and was scrapping her tongue with it, like a silly noodle. She was so extreme and over exaggerating, it was hilarious. She threw that one in the bag and grabbed another one and was profusely chewing on it, then she pulled it out of her mouth to find that there was a blue piece of gum stuck in it. Justice and I couldn't catch our breath. WE had to keep ourselves from rolling on the ground. We finally spit out that that was MY gum in the napkin. She told us that the first napkin was the one she blew her nose on, and wondered why it was salty! I think we burned all the calories that we had just eaten by laughing so hard. I am so glad we won't be seen in that mcDonalds Ever again.

Matt and Lauren showed up and we shared our story with them. They spent about 45 minutes with us. It was good to meet Lauren and it was so nice to give Matt a couple of hugs. I feel very blessed to have met such wonderful people, from a wonderful place in life.

Tony and Kelci never did show up so we drove to the church and picked them up. Their ride was busy talking so they were vegging on the couch together. I'm grateful they were patient with us, and they were safe.

We headed to the hotel and crashed for the night. Someones phone went off at the crack of dawn, that wasn't very cool. I think Mr. Nebraska forgot we were in a time zone change! Made us all a little grumpy!

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