Sunday, April 11, 2010


Tony's alarm went off early Sunday Morning. That was a bummer! So much for sleeping in.
The kids got up and went swimming. I ate the other two cinnamon rolls. YUMMY..Heaven once again!

We all got ready for the day. I didn't bring a slip, so I got Church dress on, but felt weird and see through. I headed to Walmart to see if they had a slip. Utah, of all places, Walmart didn't have ONE slip. Fine!!!

We were ready for breakfast/lunch. We found a Denny's WE sat there for a few hours. Trying to figure out if Adrienne is ready to get married. WE did a Pro's and Con's list. The pro's were good, but the Con's were overwhelming and needed to be looked at deeper. Was it a misunderstanding, or was it real.

We ordered. I had a panini type sandwich. Adrienne had breakfast, and Justice had a burger and fries.

Adrienne acted a lot better after eating. If you have an "illness" and choose not to take your medicine, isn't the ludicrous? It just doesn't make sense to me. You are hypoglycemic, take your medicine. A balance of nutrition. Why would you choose to treat your loved ones so rudely, and inappropriately. That to me is immature, and needs to be changed. I know I need a DR Pepper almost once a day. I take it, I may be about 10 pounds over weight because of that decision, but I function nicer, calmer, faster, and better. I call it my ZOLOFT. It is cheaper, It may have an effect on my later. I hope not. I hope I can function better someday without it, but for now I don't feel guilty having a POP once a day.

After Denny's I felt impressed to drive up past the Temple and go up the mountain by the capital building. (I think that is what it is) The view was fantastic. WE took lots of pictures on the camera and the phone. There were some really nice houses there. You could see trails up and down the mountain side. It reminded me of the trails that we have. Some smooth, some rocky. You would see some really nice houses and then see a "scary" house in the middle. Reminded me of People itself. Some of us are more polished and taken care of then others. Some us make the most of what we have given, some of us take the blessings for granted and get puffed up due to the over abundance of worldly posessions. WE forget that we need to be frugal, and give, and choose the better part to spend our money and talents.

We got done with picture taking and parked in front of the Deseret Book Store across from Temple Square. We waited for Tony and Kelci. We all went back to the hotel, changed our clothes and then headed to Red Robin. A really fantastic restaurant we kept seeing commercials for. Justice was still full from the burger he ate at Denny's, so he ordered a shake, lemonade kind. It was really good. I got a chicken sandwich and endless fries. It was so good. Kelsi and Tony got a burger and Adrienne got a croissant with Chicken, and fries.

What a delicious day!

Earlier that day, after Denny's Adrienne talked with Chris about the Pro's and Con's list. I said to them........The Lord thinks you should relax and enjoy each other. Pick one thing that you want the other to work on. Apparently they don't accept each other for who they are. Adrienne is constantly saying the problem in the relationship is her.......I say, she is too immature to take on this responsibility. I don't think she has a right to hurt other people in her process and journey. It truly hurts me that she is like this. This is not who Heavenly Father needs her to be. She is like her dad. That makes me sad too. I know how lonely my journey has been and don't wish that on anyone.

I hope my counsel will help them. It is meant to be a loving counsel.

We got back to the hotel and we got ready for bed. We were all trying to watch a movie but we were dozing off and on. I think Justice ended up turning off the tv. Around 3:00 am he woke me up asking where the exit was. I was lost, he was confused, he went to the bathroom and I fell back asleep.

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