Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has arrived

The ONE thing I hate most about Spring is the Clocks being pushed forward. I lose that hour and it takes me MONTHS to get my due sleep!

I haven't been able to really get my dead buns out of bed since the daylight savings Clock thingy, and the trip to Salt Lake. I got home and I had a head cold or allergies. I don't really care which, it was just not good, sneezing, blowing my nose, trying to get the rest that I needed to watch all these babies.

God drove last week. I have NO clue how I got through the week smooth sailing. I didn't blow a gasket, I was pretty calm even tho I have a particular SCREAMER!

This week is a different story. The sun is shining and there is a smell of fresh rain, but I'm not feeling it! I am feeling grumpy inside. I'm not quite sure what the problem is. In my quiet reflection place I was trying to figure it out too.

Last night talking to "bret" he thinks its just in the air. The kids seem snottier lately. They seen Naughty even. For example.....Monday I told Josie NOT to touch the babies face or hands with her dirty hands. The kids were outside playing in the dirt/cat poop (we have cats that come in our yard. Why is it we are the ONLY tenants with no pets but we have all the POOP?) Madi just got her shots and she doesn't need to be getting sick.

Every day Josie has been touching the babies. Tuesday she got in trouble because Karrea found a pencil, threw it on the trampoline and Josie proceeded to color on the mat. Twice she has gotten in trouble for saying "YOU'RE NOT MY FRIEND". I have always disliked that. I had a cousin Gina that would say that to me whenever I was over at her house.

I have told Anthony 20 times NOT to go outside without 1. taking your socks off, or 2. Put your shoes on. Needless to say he got his socks muddy again!

Justice has been on the mouthy side to me and his sister Karrea. I know what is new.

Shai has been a little on the mouthy side when it comes to us not letting her get her driving hours.

Karrea was a little snotty last night to the kids after 4:00 and she is a little snotty today too!

I guess the bottom line is.........Spring Fever is NOT a good thing in this house this week!

I have raised my voice more than I truly want to.

I told Ron last night, after I finally gave him his birthday card (his birthday was on Sunday). He said to me, its about time, you blew me off most of the weekend. I said 'sucks doesn't it?' He looked at me puzzled. I said, where were you on my birthday. OOOPS. (he was out looking at Adrienne's Car.....all night for about 3 hours even after Adrienne explained to him it was okay).
I told Ron I hate being the snotty one. I don't like how I feel, I don't like that person that has to be the bad guy. I hate having to be the Naughty juice giver, the time out giver, the "You forgot my birthday and gave me a card 2 days late and so I'm doing that to you."......giver. But I do. And I Hate it!

What else am I supposed to do? Is that part of NURTURING?

I can't wait to have more time to get to conference talks. I missed a lot, being in the motel, and shopping. From what I have seen and heard, it was wonderful! Maybe that is where I will receive answers to my questions this springy fever day! LOL


Elaine Edwards said...

Our household is the same right now. I wonder why beautiful weather and spring (that we all prayed for) makes us so darn ugly? My husband and I had an irritating moment a day ago and we haven't spoken since, Chris and I grouched with each other last night because we both had lousy days, and the whole house seems to be on edge. So, I feel your aggravation! Maybe April should have a month of fast Sundays so we can be happy again

shayster said...

Fast Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then PIG OUT SATURDAY! haha!!!

Elaine Edwards said...

Just until everyone is happy again. Fasting is not an easy task for me. I'm an eater!

shayster said...

I did fast saturday to sunday....It didn't get me up on monday morning, I did wake up but I used my agency to stay in bed. Shame on me. I'm not in a funky mood now, I like that! Now the Weather is funky, haha