Monday, April 19, 2010

Lazy week

Mr. Lazy Week is behind me. I'm so glad. I actually fasted this past Saturday til Sunday to get guidance and help in my inner struggles of laziness.

A lot of things have been on my mind. I met up with my "first kiss" on face book. While we were dating I dreamed that I was going to marry a man named Ron, with Blond Hair, and Blue eyes, and mustache. I never saw the man. He was in a white suit tho, I couldn't see his face.

I didn't realize the man of my dreams was the man of my dreams until I walked down the red carpet at the Elk's Club patio in 1988. That was the Ronnie, blond hair, blue eyes, and mustache.

I dated 3 Ron's. How funny is that. Each with most of the characteristics in my dream........Matson was the only one with the mustache. Maybe that is why it is so strange to me when/if he shaves it. (he really is forbidden to do so, LOL)

My heart goes out to my "first kiss". He was always very kind to me. We were best friends hanging out at the swimming pool on hot days and on rainy days playing Atari with his kid brother. Tears fill my eyes as I see the struggles he has had in his life. The place we are tested and tried. Our Journey's are so different, yet we are so similar.

For example, his daughter is 19, so is mine. His Daughters name is Andrea, mine is Adrienne, I like my steak Med well, so does he, I mean the list goes on and on. How are we so similar, yet so far apart. What could God really be telling each of us?

He came over last Sunday on his way passing through from Lincoln. My heart and soul ached for him. Not romantically, but as a sister who wanted to make all the hurt go away. I want to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him so he can find meaning and purpose in a lonely world. I want to find him a spouse that will love and cherish him.

This weighs heavy on my mind. What would His life be like IF we would have been together? Then I see the tragedy maybe My life would have had IF we would have married. I pray God is mindful of Ronnie today! I know I am

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