Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday is a special the song says!

Tony and I were ready for a hearty breakfast. Kelci showed us a great little place to eat. We walked to the Royal Eatery a few blocks away. We were about a block away from the TRAC but we walked. The breakfast was super. Justice isn't much of a breakfast person but the gentlemen made him a lunch special. A Huge hamburger and delicious fries and fry sauce. We both got a soda too. It was chilly in Salt Lake, we didn't pack too many Warmer Weather clothes, so I ended up wearing my sweatshirt that I wore the night before. This way I didn't have to take my purse everywhere. I couldn't get Adrienne to eat anything. She was really cranky. She got on my nerves really quickly.

After Breakfast we headed to temple square. Adrienne refused to walk with us. I turned around and she was gone. I tried calling her, she didn't answer, so I texted Chris, I turned around and she was finally in site, about 4 blocks behind us. I don't think she realized she was in downtown Salt Lake. Justice was nervous just be seeing all the homeless men and women.

My phone was going dead. I had two bars left. I knew Adrienne's needed charged too.
The first stop was temple square. I took a picture of justice at the water fountain and the temple. We then went into the Joseph Smith building and down to the distribution center. I wanted Adrienne to look at the dresses and different fabrics. She half heartily looked. I was a little disappointed.

I found Shai a necklace for her torch, I bought Justice a scripture case, and I found a video. Tony and Kelci were going to go ahead of us since they had actually tickets to the conference center. We headed over to the tabernacle and sat and watched Elder Eyring speak. Justice was a little overwhelmed to think that he was actually across the street. Next time I'm going to stand in line for stand by tickets, WE WILL GO TO CONFERENCE!!!

After he spoke we headed to the Visitor Center. I wanted Justice to have the opportunity to stand at the Saviors Feet. The Christus. It was quite noisy going in. People were busy taking pictures and laughing and talking. It was a different spirit them from the first time I saw it at the age of 8. I remember it was a lot bigger (course I was smaller than). I asked Adrienne to take a picture of Justice and I. AS I walked closer to the statue I felt the warmth and love the Savior must have for each of us, the impression of the nail print in his foot was overwhelming to me. The sacrifice for all of us. Whether we believe in him or not, He did a selfless act. In return he asks us to follow his example! I had my bag of stuff on the couch with all my money. I asked Adrienne to keep an eye on it while we got our picture taken. I turned around to look at the statue once again. Ponder on my thoughts. I turned back around and Adrienne was gone. Luckily my bag was still there.

I was so disappointed by now. She either walked 100 ft behind us or 100 feet ahead. We were not one. I was so proud of Justice. He was starting to get sick. Allergies or head cold, he wasn't sure. He tried to keep on top of the Ibuprofen so he could enjoy this journey he was on. I could see this "Prophet" soak up the spirit on the temple grounds. I could see him struggle to keep interested and not let the headache over power him.

After the Visitor Center, it was a quick stop, we headed to the Deseret Book Store. Justice was on the prowl for a new CTR ring. In the process of finding the rings I noticed that John Bytheway was signing books. I hurried and got in line, picked out a book for him to sign for Justice and a CD to sign for the family. I introduced John to Justice and we joked a minute or two. Reminded him of our encounter at Kansas City. WE laughed. I was going to ask for a picture, but I didn't want to bother him any longer, the line was getting longer too.

Over the intercom they announced that Michael McClean was there. We Walked by, I showed Justice. I saw Sheri Dew at the door and I shook her hand, i was going to see if I could introduce Justice but she was busy talking to some one. I didn't want to be rude and interrupt. A worker was working on the front door. This was a new building. Sheri is the President of the Deseret Book. I'm sure she was there on business.

Justice couldn't find the ring he wanted on the picture turn around that was in the middle of the store so he checked all of the little "pockets" that had his size. ONE RING.....not pictured. It was his. I believe God placed it there himself, just for Justice. (LOL)

WE stood in line and purchased our finds. I bought a four pack of Lion House Cinnamon rolls and warned that I was NOT sharing! (I didn't either....I also gained 5 pounds on this trip too) I bought Elder Uchdorfs book, John Bytheways newest CD, and Sports book, and a couple of journals from YW.

It was a special day at the Deseret. I wished I had the time to meet all their guests.

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