Monday, April 19, 2010

lazy week too

I had a couple come to my home to see if I could baby sit their little guy.

I mentioned to Ron that night, I feel very uncomfortable around the husband. I felt pretty guilty about my feelings. Aren't we supposed to be a people who don't judge? Yes. I don't judge a person by what they look like, or how they talk. What I have learned about myself is I judge how I feel around someone.

I didn't like how I felt. When I reflect over the past few weeks I see that when this man came into my home, I would leave and go in the other room. I just felt awkward. Couldn't quite put my finger on it. I thought it was because I was in my funky, lazy dazy mood.

Thursday "mom" talked to me a little bit about her and "dad's" situation. Its all very clear now. The Lord is very mindful of us. I know I am supposed to be in this "mom's" life right now. I hope I can do what I am guided to do for all who are involved.

Maybe I get in these lazy dazy moods so I can relax and hear what God needs to tell me. When my life is full of busy and noise I don't always hear what is being said. I like reflection time, but I don't get much of it.

I sat around Saturday watching movies. Feeling lazy, but the movies answered a lot soul questions I had. So is that a bad thing? To sit and watch and eat popcorn? I guess not! I seem to do it at least once a month. Should I thank HF for PMS? haha!!!


GRAMEE said...

you are always so very close dear sister. so very close.

thanks for sharing these experiences it reminds me i need to stay mindful of the savior.

i keep you in my prayers. I love you friend.

shayster said...

I love you too LJ