Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Feb. 28th

Sunday was a great day. About 3 weeks ago Ron was asked to give a talk in Sacrament. Ron has been a member of the church for 21 years and has only given a talk once. I think we have all new members of the ward now so it was time for Ron to show his talents again.

Shai was also asked to give a talk. She talked first, started off by saying that about a month ago we were talking about the 2nd coming of Jesus and we were sure that a sure sign would be Dad giving a talk in Church. Well, the past few weeks we have been preparing for the 2nd coming because dad said Yes to giving a talk. Getting our water storage, and food storage and pocket change ready.

Shai talked on tithing. All the blessings we can receive by obeying that commandment. She did a great job.

Ron was next (we had a high counselor speak). Ron got up and started pretty quiet. Everyone was still. He told them about the weekend that the familiy went to Omaha. He talked about the furnace going out. The ignitor needed replaced. He talked about being lonely, cold, and bored, which reminded him of the Plan of Happiness. People got a chuckle out of that.

I think people were in shock that Ron would even get up there. When he first joined the church he told the Bishopric he would never get up there and if they asked he would quit coming to church. He has come a long way. His talk lasted about 15 min. I don't know how much people got out of Ron's talk. I'm sure their minds were on "how much water do I have stored", OR " I wonder if Jesus will come from the East or the West" It was amazing how quiet the chapel was as he spoke. We are very proud of him.

Many people came up to him after wards. It was hard getting out of the building. The Bishop told Ron he needed to speak more often. I have to agree....yet it does put a burden on his secretary. LOL!!

After Sacrament we went home and got changed so we could hit the road and help my dad and mom move into their duplex in Grand Island. I brought sub sandwich fixings and chips, fruit, cookies, candy bars, and water.

We arrived just in time to finish up. I helped mom unpack a few things. Her kitchen is almost done. Roger came over with his friend Terry. Lyle and Michael were there for a bit. Kristi, Audrey, and Bri came to visit. Dana, Thomas and Keagan came to visit. We had a good time. No hitting, kicking or biting went on. I think that is a first for the Warnke family.

They have a cute place. I'm very happy for them. I hope it all works out, I hope we can come and visit often.

I don't know what retirement is going to look like for mom, she has always been very busy. Dad too.

Good luck.

We headed home around 8:00. Couldn't figure out eats so we went to HY VEE and got some munchies. Saw a couple of church members there. Teased that they were sabbath breakers but they were getting fixings for Mary Clarks funeral that is to be held today at 10:00am. She had cancer and really didn't know. She didn't suffer much. What a sweet person she was. I don't think anyone had any ill to say about her. How many of us can say that?

Rest in Peace Mary! You are loved and cherished!

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