Monday, February 22, 2010

Visit to Omaha

Friday we couldn't stand it. We were all so excited to go to Omaha and have a fun filled weekend. We got to Chris's around 8:00ish? The GPS had us in the middle of NO WHERE! I think I need to go to Fat Dogs here in town and buy me a tee shirt that says YOU ARE NOWHERE. Whenever I have to use the GPS I'm going to wear that T-shirt. Ron and I have literally been in the middle of Cows because the GPS SWEARS that is where the House is. Poor van was 4 wheeling in ruts and it was quite scary! We have been in the middle of a corn field LITERALLY once. It had us 8 miles west of where the house actually was on the highway. How can that be? And she is bossy too. Make a U-TURN. Its more annoying when you KNOW where you are going and she demands a u-ey right there.

Anyways....We got there and visited a bit, played some games, got settled in, and Karrea watched Jonah the veggie tales. She loved it!

Saturday morning I awoke to breakfast smells, cinnamon rolls and omelets and sausage! OH MY FAVORITE......i love breakfast food.

We headed off to the temple around 10:00 am. Got there just in time. Enjoyed the spirit there. Enjoyed knowing that Grandma and Grandpa Warnke are sitting together finally. I can't wait to go and do their work for them.

After the Temple we met up with Chris, Adrienne and Karrea at Olive Garden. My food was just coming as everyone was getting to go containers for my meal was FREE! YAY! We had a great visit. Chris and Adrienne and karrea (AKA party poopers) went back to Chris's and the rest of us walked the mall. Had a blast people watching! Do some people really let their kids out of the house looking like that? Pants on the ground, hat on sideways, walking, talking......pants on the ground. Wow!

We visited Target, I found a cute sweater. I slopped food on my shirt on the last bite I took. UGH. Off to shop we go. Good thing my income tax return came in, this was ONE expensive trip. I had 7 mouths to feed, plus gas. Wow! I'm broke now! haha

Got home, played some ping pong, enjoyed talking, and just enjoyed being.

Sunday Up and At em. We were just getting into the church just as the bishops wife was entering. I don't feel bad, Haha!

It was ward conference. Very entertaining. A singles ward with a four year old. I'll just say this, the sneeze and breeze was very entertaining, just as the Stake Presidents phrase was.....Something Smells Good! (he was telling a story) Two rows busted up laughing. Karrea just kept on playing with the Ipod, not an excuse me or a grin. I had to dig for a Kleenex to wipe my tears. I hope he thinks its because his story was so touching and not because he knew my four year blew one!

We left after sacrament. I didn't think Miss Karrea could last 2 more hours she was already begging to go "home". We left. Adrienne made us lunch, I baked more cookies and made a fruit salad, cleaned out the fridge (eewww). We enjoyed the company.

We planned on Elaine's but she had to "NAP". (Chris thinks she is just scared of me. I admit I do bite hard if I haven't eaten). I respected that. I was going to go over anyway, but I was WARNED in big RED LETTERS.........I kind of pictured the BEWARE OF DOG SIGN so I stayed away. NEXT TIME BEWARE, I'M COMING OVER! haha!

She didn't know there were 7 of us. I think she would have enjoyed the comedian group I had. We had never laughed so hard! We have some funny inside jokes now! LOVE IT!

We left around 3:45. The roads were crazy in some spots. We stopped at TA for supper. All you can eat! YOU KNOW IT! I got compt on Shai's meal so that one only cost me 30.00 for 5 people. YAY! We made it home with our belly's full. Good thing, the furnace ignitor had been out all weekend and so Ron had the heaters running in a few different rooms. The house was pretty cleaned, and the laundry was done and folded and he said he missed us! YAY! He missed talking to people, and snuggles! YAY!!!

What a great weekend! I feel very blessed! Can't wait to go again!

Elaine...........Ready or NOT here I come!

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