Thursday, March 4, 2010

No daycare

I have had a small glimpse of what life would be without daycare. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I didn't have Dustin or Wyatt. Dusting apparently had a fever/flu so I asked Tony to keep the boys away until he is fever free.

Monday I was sitting at a friends home for his mother. She is bedridden. What a peaceful place to be. I haven't had quiet in YEARS!! I enjoyed the time. I went home and tried to get laundry done and some organizing. Ron had a job to do so that was good.

Tuesday was quiet around the house. Ron had a job in Hastings so Karrea and I went to lunch and enjoyed a good, almost warm day.

Wednesday I slept in. I always think its going to be great to sleep in but I have all these bizarre dreams and I wake up more exhausted then if I would have worked out at Just for ladies. Which I have done for almost 6 weeks now. I want to get measured and weighed next week. Aunt Flo was here this week and so I didn't want to depress myself.

Ron, Karrea and Myself went to lunch at McDonald's. Karrea's idea. It worked. I had a chicken Caesar salad with southwest dressing. LOVE IT! 100 cal for the dressing. We hung out at Walmart for almost 2 1/2 hours. I spent too much money. We bought towels and organizational stuff, and Karrea got a Pucci puppy. They are clearing out our work pants so we bought them out. OUCH. I feel guilty! I hate that. I wished I could use our tax return for other things. It is officially GONE!

I went to get my nails done Monday at the mall. They look nice. I have been trying to do it every three weeks instead of 2, to save some money. Those three weeks they look really sad. Its nice to look down and not see MAN hands. After the nail job I went next door to the jewelry store. I had them look at the Ring I got from My grandmothers estate. They said they have never seen a ring that beautiful. Beth shined it up for me, took of the metal "snuggy" and tested the diamonds to see if they are real. YEP. Wow. Its about a 1000.00 ring. Beth told me to go next door to Claire's and buy some plastic snuggys so I won't keep scratching the gold off the band. They were 5.00 for 5. I hope they work out.

I wasn't named in my grandma's will. The power of attorney told me to set up a trust fund for the remainder of Grandma's funds. That left my kids with 250.00 a piece. She didn't want them touching it until they were 18. Too funny. Why would you make kids wait 6 or more years to get 250.00. I gave it to them. Now if it was 5000.00 a piece I would have. I thought they were going to get more, because of the money in her bank account but Paul said it will probably get eaten up in probate. UGH. 500.00 goes to the lawyers, I don't get it. I am the last living relative, Paul, her power of attorney is still alive. You know granny is gone, give the kids the money, not the lawyers. I don't get politics. All I can say is they are lucky its not more money than that!

My adventures in NON babysitting were fun. I didn't get too bored. I found myself in a great mood.

Last night at midnight tho we were woke up to Karrea saying she threw up. Ron had throw up duty. At 2:00 Justice came in and said she threw up again. I asked her to help her, he said he couldn't stand the smell. Ron came in the bedroom retching, lol he couldn't handle it either. WIMPS. I went in there like a trooper. She was so cute just laying there. I said, why didn't you get up and go to the toilet. DADDY TOLD ME TO PUKE IN THE TRASH CAN. Thanks daddy! UGH well, she missed the trash can.

Justice lost his lunch and supper and snack too, I guess he's not going to school.

Even tho I didn't have sick daycare kids, my kids got sick. Life sure is funny!

I'm house sitting again today. What a peaceful, spiritual place to be. I worked out, and then headed over here, and after I'm done here I'm heading to Grand Island (46 miles away) to meet up with my step mom. She wants to take me out to lunch. LOL the gas will cost me more than it will cost her for lunch, but time together is Priceless...........RIGHT????

She wants to go and visit her sister in the nursing home in Aurora too. Polly, who is down syndrome was my best friend growing up. Shame on me for wanting my own room at 14, that is when the abuse started. I should have kept her as my room mate and then maybe she would have continued to protect me. I love you Polly! You are my hero!

The sun is out, its supposed to be 52 degrees today. I can't wait to take in some vitamin D!!!

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