Thursday, March 18, 2010

Slow bloggin

I'm not sure what my problem has been about blogging. I haven't been keeping up on my journal either. I think there is a slight feeling like WHO REALLY CARES!

I know we have been commanded to keep a journal. I have read over my journals at certain times in my life and I laugh and I cry and I get prayers answered!

Why am I so funky about writing in my journal/blog?

I think I have been busy. I have had two new kids come to the daycare. I have four kids in the morning now. This week has been crazy because kids are coming and going at all times because its spring break.

It has been really nice having Adrienne home. Ron has been sick since Friday and so Adrienne has helped with the kids while I go out in the real world and clean carpets by myself. I like it. It empowers me. I wonder what men think when they see me lug 80 pound buffer up a flight of stairs. Not that what other people think matters, but it is fun to see their expressions. Ron never married a wuss, that is for sure.

I used to be a push over. I used to be controlled very easily. I'm very proud of the steps I have taken to become Stronger. Not just physically, but emotionally, and spiritually. I was reading in the Ensign earlier today about Not relying on the arm of the flesh. Knowledge comes from God, and I'm so grateful for that power and that information. I have never professed to know everything, but what I do know comes from listening to Heavenly Father and from many experiences. What I try NOT to do in life, as I see the younger generation doing so much these days is STATING a fact (blind fact to them) and then being a hypocrite. Do they know how stupid they sound? Take Karrea for example. I placed some "stuff" in front of her to eat. I DON'T LIKE THAT! you haven't even tasted it. WE fight and argue and she finally gives in because she can't have ice cream or a movie unless she eats half. OH I LIKE IT! DUH!!! I knew you would. I find teenagers doing this so often. UGH. LIVE A LITTLE, swallow the pride and at least try and see what your parents are trying to show you, teach you, guide you. WE LOVE YOU.......WHY WOULD WE TRY AND MAKE YOU FAIL!?


Elaine Edwards said...
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Elaine Edwards said...
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Elaine Edwards said...

We have your daughter. We are holding her for ransom. The only ransom we will accept is another daughter of equal worth. She must be able to do the dishes, play with our children, keep Christopher occupied,get her nails done with me, and make my 5 year old eat his dinner. Please send her replacement soon or we will keep her. (Okay, at least until the wedding)

shayster said...

The only replacement I have is 4 years old!