Monday, March 22, 2010

Quiet Weekend

Saturday I was rudely awaken by pounding on the door. MOM, I NEED A RIDE TO THE CHURCH! 'Ask Adrienne'. Just then her phone SCREAMO rang, it was Adrienne telling her she wasn't home, she Prayed about it and felt Impressed to go to Omaha. Cool! I was up and dressed by the time they got off the phone, no big deal! ?Demanded that Shai remove the screamo crap on the phone, and then proceeded to tell her that she needed to help more around that house and watch the attitude. Sleeping til 10:00 and barely getting her chores done. I think she was a little stressed about Singing in front of 100 or more people but still, to get your mind off of things, SERVE, and then the LORD blesses you for your efforts! How do you teach someone that? I try to teach by example, but I guess I need to do a little better!

I guess she did good at the Stake Activity. She sang one of Jenny Phillips songs. Live like you Believe. I have gotten a few facebook messages saying GOOD JOB! I guess those voice lessons will pay off! as long as she stays away from the screamo. What do kids see/hear in that crap! don't they get enough screamo from us Adults! LOL!! ( I don't yell that much, unless you really tick me off! maybe once a month!)

Came home, cleaned a little, then we all got dressed and headed out, it was a beautiful, slightly chilly day. JD and KC had taco's and Ron and I ate Subway while they watched Princess and the Frog in the Denali. Peaceful lunch for all of us. We ventured off to Walmart. I had a few things on the list, good thing because I forgot my check card somewhere! UGH. Panic! It was in the bank envelope from cashing a check that morning, WHEW!

Got home, lazed around all night. Watched some movies, ate too much, as usual!

Sunday up and at em, good, sunny day. Got to church with a few minutes to spare. Great talks were given, I tried not to doze too much, (LOL Jill, JK)

Classes were good. It was pot luck Sunday and so the building smelled of corn beef and cabbage, YUM. We don't stay. Ron gets anxiety, and there were not that many people but we still didn't stay. Shai did tho.

Justice had bought the WII Resort Game and so that was family home evening. We played Frisbee golf and sword fighting, it was fun. The kids were getting a work out, so were us old fogies!

Today was a pretty quiet day. I'm still getting used to 2 babies. Madi was born in Dec, and Talon is 7 weeks old. If they are not sleeping or eating they are screaming! Makes for a great day! Madi will talk some times too. Good thing they are totally cute!

The house is clean, the fridge is full, and clean, the laundry is done and the menu is made out. Now bring out the sunny weather!!! YAY! (it was 75 degree's today! YAY)

I'm sore, and tired, so I'm off to never never enough sleep land!

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