Thursday, March 25, 2010

Counting down the days

About a month ago a friend of mine was going to ask if they could borrow my car to travel to Utah. I have no problem with the Law of Consecration, at least when it comes to my car. Now my Car is a boat. Its a GMC Yukon Denali. It does not drink BUD LIGHT, it is a GAS HOG. I knew that buying it. Course, fuel back then was 1.76 a gallon, its up a dollar now. I knew that too. The year before I bought it the Fuel was 4.00 a gallon. Knowing GREED runs deep, I had a feeling Fuel would sky rocket again, but still, I had to have the YUKON for family/business/Missionary toting reason. That being known, I also knew I could drive Ron's Pontiac Grand Prix when ever I want to. (said like a 2 year old). NO worries, all my problems were solved.

I said to my friend, Now Ron is not as generous as I am with MY vehicle. Do you realize you would be driving the YUKON for the two of you? Do you realize it would be about 300.00 in gas up and back? Do you realize that if you "break it, you buy it?" AT 43,000.00? (new of course, that is not what I paid). Or 1000.00 deductible? Hmmmmmm. I was starting to panic myself.

A quick thought came to me. Ask Adrienne and Chris. Maybe Adrienne will drive you! :D
That fell through. Then the thought came to me. Maybe I'll drive the Pontiac, and Adrienne and the other two could come along. That sounded like a plan.

I am preparing. I have taken on more kids, which in turn should mean more money. (that is IF I can stay out of Walmart!) Trish, Chris's mom thought it would be a great idea if she came along. I think that is Super. Since that conversation tho, a few things have COME UP. Like a car accident, and maybe a busted water heater, and a few other odds and ends that LIFE throws at you. We are still trying to find a solution to that fiasco tho. I would really like to spend some more time with her. Besides, her accent is mesmerizing! (from Australia) The Plan was to go Shopping for wedding STUFF in Salt Lake City or surrounding area's. Maybe even the D.I. If I can find the place!

I just have to remember to get the car in check, and my checking account in check. There is no school that day, so I'm hoping between Ron and Shai, the kids can be taken care of. I can't forget to pray for great weather through Wyoming and Utah, and Nebraska.

Oh, the things we look forward too. We want to look at dresses, and invitation ideas, reception ideas, temple dress ideas, party favor ideas. flower ideas, shoe ideas, and food ideas. I think it would be a lot easier if these two would win a million dollars and elope, (take us with them) to the Bahama's. Now, which lottery to play?

Am I missing anything? anyone want to stow away in the trunk?

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