Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day?

Thursday and Friday Karrea was running a fever. I asked her a few times if Daddy could say a prayer for her, she refused. She would take her medicine and that kept the coughing and fever to a minimum. Saturday she was feeling a lot better. I'm sure we have Chris to thank for this life lesson, uh um!

Saturday night I put the kids cards out on the table for Sunday morning. Karrea came into the bathroom and thanked me for the beautiful card and gum I got her. Shai and Justice thanked me too. I try and write a heartfelt letter to each of my kids. I got them a fruity gum too. I buy the spicy gum, and that is not always appreciated. Justice later that day came to talk to me laughing, he found the 10.00 in the pack of gum. He should have known! I tried to tell him to get a piece of gum before church, he just didn't get the hint.

Ron was fevering Saturday night. He didn't go to the Ward Valentine's day Dinner. The food was FABULOUS. Thank you Chef Bill Beins and all his helpers! The dessert were to die for (yes, I was in a sugar coma). The Scouts had a dessert auction. I was sitting at Wolfe's table and she bought a brownie sundae(her child made) , a symphony brownie (Sniders made) and our coconut pecan brownie. OH MY GOODNESS and then Roger shared Sis Kearneys cheesecake with them. GOOD STUFF!!

Sunday Ron slept all day. The kids and I enjoyed a wonderful Sunday full of the spirit of learning. Karrea gave the prayer in primary. The only one in her class that would talk in the microphone. She wouldn't do it last time. Sunday school was enlightening, and Despite what the RS teacher thinks, I know she did an excellent job. She thought she could hear crickets chirping, but I think she filled our hearts and minds full of things we really needed to go home and ponder about.

Sunday came and went. Was it really Valentine's day, the day for lovers or is it really what Shai likes to call HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY! I sure felt single. I wasn't the only one that didn't get a lovers present. Adrienne lucked out on the sad feelings too. Better luck next year!!

Monday Karrea found herself throwing a fit because she decided she didn't like Rice. I had bought the left overs from the Saturday dinner and put it together as a casserole. I wasn't home. I was picking up Kaleb and bidding a job. I guess Justice flew off the handle and was mean to Karrea. She cried for hours saying that she had an earache. I asked her if she wanted daddy to pray for her (give her a blessing) She totally refused, kicking and screaming, wailing and gnashing of teeth. It really surprised me. In her kicking she knocked over some things on the counter, so needless to say she got a swat. Funny thing.....she said after the swat the bad guy left her ear.

About an hour later she was crying again. I told her that her ear would get better if she took her medicine and if she got a blessing. NOPE, NO BLESSING.

Finally bedtime. We usually say prayer with her individually. I tried to get her to say it. NOPE STUBBORN. Finally I got snotty with her and told her She was being Rude to Jesus. She was going to have an ouchy ear until she asked Jesus to help her. I told her about the video's we watch where Jesus is healing the sick and the blind. She has to ASK. Finally she gave in. She asked Jesus to heal her ear! SHE SLEPT GOOD THAT NIGHT!

That was a good gift, a 4 year old hopefully remembering a great life lesson!

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