Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another year older, am I wiser?

The time is fast approaching for me to renew my DMV photo. Which I did a week or so ago, but just got it in the mail yesterday. Its pretty good this time. Took me 42 years to finally have a nice photo. HHAAHAAA. That is really funny to me.

I would hope to think I am wiser. I didn't think I could get any nicer, or kinder, but I did. I didn't think I could go another extra mile, but I have. I didn't think I could forgive someone more that 79x7, but I have. I didn't think I would be able to feel the spirit around some people, but I do. I didn't think I could find one more ounce of patience with a couple of people, but I found it!

I didn't know an old dog could learn new tricks, but I have. I didn't know I would have the strength to start dieting again, but its a journey I'm willing to travel. I didn't know I would find the time to work out, but the time is in the morning.

I didn't know I could get funnier, but I find myself laughing in the mirror everyday! God sure has a sense of humor! I'm glad I found mine too! Or I would cry!

I'm grateful that God gives me another day to become better than I was the day before, and I have given him MY WILL do so. I have proven to be pretty stupid and so why would I dismiss the greatest PILOT ever! I am so grateful the Heavenly Father is MY BEST FRIEND!!! He has NEVER let me down. I will Never find anything to criticize him for. He loves/loved me no matter what. and I am special because of it.

That right there is the greatest birthday gift EVER!!!! love and acceptance, forgiveness, grace and mercy.

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