Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funky Town

It has been funky town around here! It's like a dark cloud. I think its that lack of Jobs Ron has. One or two a week isn't cutting the bills. We are used to 3 or 4 a day. Money coming in. All the money is doing now is going out! It is usually pretty slow at this time, but this year seems especially challenging. It is affecting all of us.

We had a really good Christmas. Maybe that was our problem, we handed out more money than we should of. We were so proud of the kids all they did this year with School, Friends, Chores, etc that we just wanted to spoil them. I think we are paying the consequences.

I know what needs to be done to make more money, but I'm not the boss. I have to sit here and just twiddle my thumbs and try to give suggestions to one of the shyest men I have EVER KNOWN! It is so frustrating because I can talk to anyone. Random people come up and talk to me and tell me their whole life story, and I'll do the same if I'm not "casting pearls before swine". I tell Ron to get out there and hand out your business card. Gosh, Park the Heaven's Best Van in the parking lot for 8 hours. FREE ADVERTISING. LET KEARNEY KNOW YOU ARE ALIVE. (the van is broke down now and no garage to fix it)

When it rains it pours and then the old man snores. He was in bed until almost 11:00 am. I think depression is kicking in. I feel there is nothing I can do to fix it. It's not my fix. I know my bank account is in the negative and he owes me money. So we are all feeling it. I owe the kids allowance and so they are feeling it.

I am crossing my fingers that Obama hasn't totally messed up the economy so bad that us poor people will still get some what of a tax return.

I'm grateful that we were busy enough in the summer so that Ron had enough in savings to keep our noses right above sea level. It never fails, we always have this trial. I guess I passed on the Riches of the world. I still seek the riches of eternal blessings. I just hope Ron doesn't give up and he endures it well.

Come on JOBS!!!

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