Thursday, February 4, 2010

For my birthday....tell me a story about you and I

You could share how you met me. Some of the fun things we have done.


GRAMEE said...

I met Shay as i know her, on a LDS Yahoo group mailing list many years ago. Her little man wasn't in kindergarten.. and he isn't such a little man any more he is almost a teen. She and I have never seen face to face, although we have spoken on the phone. We have shared many of life's trials and joys over they years.
We lost weight and gained weight together.. She had a new baby daughter who is now 4 and has almost married off her oldest. While I became a grandmother to 4.
We have great respect and love for each other. I believe Shay is a life long friend one who I can always count on.
I wish you happy birthday and many many more..
Shay you know i love you dearly..

GRAMEE said...

"We lost weight and gained weight together"

that should also say "and lost weight again"..

shayster said...

You are so sweet!!! I just love you!!!