Monday, January 18, 2010


I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday (soon). I love to feel the spirit, I love to be "de-stressed" I love to just be loved and needed at the temple. I love the companionship that I have on the ride to and from. I have always felt very blessed to be able to drive 4 or less hours to a temple. I had just been feeling like it was time to go again when I asked my friend Rhonda if she was up for the "challenge" I mean, lets face it. Trying to find a babysitter, cleaning out the car, putting gas in it now-a-days is a chore in its takes me all week of babysitting the two little boys for me to fill the tank. If that doesn't show God your "consecration".

I usually go to the temple with a quest in mind. A problem to solve. A solution needing to be met. This time (I have done this a few other times too) I sat in the beautiful peaceful room and said.......hmmmmmm what do I need?

I opened up the scriptures and read a page or two. It reminded me of all the blessings I have. I sense of overwhelming gratitude filled my heart, mind, and soul. I sat there with my head bowed and tears in my eyes and said a prayer to God thanking him for everything I have. Everything I will have. Everything that I learn and grow from. I was over come. I just wanted to let God know that I know.

After the temple we went to Olive Garden for lunch. Rhonda and I were one of the last people to exit the 12 o'clock session so it was almost 3:00 pm. We were talking so much I lost my exit and found a different way to get to Olive Garden YAY. I think I like that way better anyway. Less traffic stops. We met up with Chris and Adrienne and had a great meal and enlightening conversation.

After a filling day we traveled in the "mist of darkness". It was so foggy you could hardly see a half a mile or so ahead of you. I didn't let it bother me too much. I know Heavenly Father was watching over us.

We filled up on gas in Lincoln and went to the Dollar Tree. Found a few Valentine's day treats for Shai to hand out to her friends. (She likes to do that). We headed home. All the water we drank at Olive Garden caught up with us by the Grand Island Exit so we headed to Grandma Max's truck stop. I always find myself there. Rhonda met up with some family there. How Fun. We got a bag of snacks and headed home. It was a quick trip home. Too quick almost, we had a few more world problems to solve. (lol)

I don't know if I have been home before 9:00 pm on a temple day. It was kind of nice. The family said prayer and I headed to bed while the kids played Wii.

Sunday was filled with the spirit. The sacrament speakers all spoke to my heart. It is kind of nice sitting there thinking....I am blessed and I'm glad I am doing what they are suggesting. Sunday school is always a blessing. I just love the teacher and all the spirit she brings. Relief Society was about Lightening our Burdens. I am so grateful I know how to do that too. "God, what would you have me learn from this Lesson?" and then Listen and Obey.

Today is a Monday and its bright and sunny out. What a blessing! Here is to a great week!

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