Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grates 2

Not a whole lot going on today. I think I finally crawled out of bed around 11:30 am. I was awakened by mini chocolate chip pancakes with honey cinnamon syrup. Thank you ADVANCE FOOD CLASS and Shai. It was cold in my room and I was cozy under my down comforter so I popped in a movie. Beverly Hills Chihauhau. Cute movie! I was in the mood for something LIGHT. Last night we watched Race to Witch Mountain, a little cheesy, but good!

After I got up and started moving I gave Karrea a bath and gave my stinky self a shower.

I played the piano a bit, was asked this Am to see if I would Play for RS. Good thing I love Pam C. I usually don't like being called last minute to play the piano. It makes me nervous. Who am I kidding, I'm always nervous! UGH

I played a few games on the computer and then we decided to use our gift cards for subway. We were the only ones there when in the middle of our LARGE order a drive through customer came through. I told her she could wait on our sandwiches and get drive through, we were in NO HURRY. We got up to buy our footlongs and kids meal and she said it was all on the house. She gave us chips, drink and cookie too. Wow! She said she appreciate us waiting and that we came in all the time and we were always so nice to her! That made my day. I AM NICE. (if I could just convince my kids. Some one told me that doesn't happen until they have kids of their own, then I'm the smartest person ever!)

Today I start my Gratitude journal with:

1. I'm grateful that I am kind

2. I am grateful for my sense of humor, sometimes dry, sometimes annoying, but most of the time I make people laugh, or think

3. I am grateful for oranges

4. apples

5. Popcorn

6. Wholesome movies

7. Car with great gas mileage (and no mouse)

8. I am grateful that I have a piano so I can practice when I get called

9. I am grateful that I can window shop....that 20.00 in my pocket didn't leave a burn mark! YAY

10. I am grateful that Justice stayed home, cuz I forgot Tate was coming over...eek!

11. I am grateful for My Savior that loves me the way I am

12. I am grateful for spiritual guidance.

13. I am grateful that I have made so many friends because of the callings I have had in this church.

14. I am grateful that I am loved by at least ONE Being. GOD. He has Always loved me!

15. I am grateful that I have lots of blankets to snuggle with

16. I am grateful that I have hand lotion

17. I am grateful for water to drink

18. I am grateful for Little Caesers ice cream

19. I am grateful for HEALTH

20. I am grateful that I forgive EVERY DAY

21. I am grateful I am forgiven every day

22. I am grateful for my computer game ZUMA

23. I am grateful for the game OMAR

24. I am grateful for this Blog

25. I am grateful for our customer Ruthie that loves us, needs us and wants us to move to Hastings!

Got a phone call today from Ruthie. She buys properties and manages them. She really needs Ron and I to help her. She trusts us and she even said she loved us! (she is a great spiritual person who just lost her husband to pancrease cancer). She is buying a couple of houses that she would rent to us so we can finally move to hastings. I haven't had the heart to tell her Ron bought Kearney too. (he owns 8 counties now) I can't tell her how much she means to me. To take her time and call us.

I go to the Kearney ward and I just don't belong. I get asked to play the piano here and there, or fill in nursery, or play for a baptism but that is it. I have been in the RS pres. for about 6 months until the pres got called into the stake, I've been in the YW presidency until the Pres had a baby and got called into primary. Now I'm Family History Director. What the heck is that? I can't forget Ward Choir Pianist! (I'm cursed to look stupid in front of 100+ people whooo hoo) I was born to teach. I was born to be a secretary! HAH I was born to be more than THIS!

OH..........back to where I was......I'm just grateful that Ruthie sees that I have worth! that means a lot to me!


Elaine Edwards said...

Try "ward cannery specialist" ewwwww But I guess we get the callings we need rather than the ones we want right? :)

Rhonda said...

How can you say filling in the nursery is not fun. J/K. I'm grateful you have second hour free, because I really needed you. BTW I think it would be awesome to be in the family history center. Think of all you are learning and teaching. You are awesome Shanon and soon someone else will need to be prepared for stake callings and you can serve with them in a presidency. Too bad we can't switch callings, oh wait I don't play the piano.

shayster said...

Elaine, I think I feel your pain!

Rhonda......I would trade you.....You know me. I LOVE BEING A SECRETARY...well to the right presidenta! LOL